Leonard Nimoy Dies at 83


No words but RIP to the legend



Will always love Spock.

He lived long, and prospered.

Farewell to a legend.


From an early age, I have been and always shall be, your friend. RIP


Indeed, Spock has been with me for as long as I can remember.
He changed the face of scifi in a way which is still with
us today. Live long and prosper.



The perfect photo. I can you hear the bagpipes.


I don’t get caught up in famous people dying anymore…I did this one I have to admit

Between seeming a genuine good person, the importance of his role of Spock and how well he defined the character and set the standard for every person to ever play a Vulcan after him in Star Trek and just the sudden-ness of it all, not to mention how Star Trek reruns on Channel 11 on Saturdays at 6pm was a staple in my childhood

My favorite moment will always be when he first speaks to Syler-Spock in the JJ-Reboot-Trek in his “pass the torch” moment :slight_smile: