Kaliba group and unanswered questions

Remember those three Desert episodes where TSCC gained a lot of hate for? Those episodes turned out to be pretty important. And it brought out the Kaliba group haven’t yet made it to the center of attention.

Desert Canyon Heat and Air, the fake factory that assembled the HK Drone, is owned by Kaliba Group. And Kaliba Group was responsible for hacking into John Henry.

When I watched the 3 desert episodes, I was under the impression that Zeira Corp and Catherine Weaver were behind building the HK Drone. I thought Catherine’s awesome scene of killing everyone in Desert Canyon Heat and Air was to cover up the operation in case her secret Drone had been discovered.

But the more I thought about it the more it doesn’t make sense. If Catherine owned and built the drones, why did the HK drone try to kill her by smashing into her building? That’s when I went back and rewatched and realized the Kaliba is the one responsible.

Catherine apparently went down there because she realized someone working for Skynet has realized that her mission in the past is going to hurt Skynet in the future. Therefore Zeira Corp is now a target, and Kaliba group and the Drone was t here to made sure Catherine and John Henry cease to exist.

So who are the Kaliba Group. If they have “John Henry’s brother”, another version of Miles Dyson’s code, maybe Daniel Dyson who by now would be the age of a college student, possible is there working for Kaliba Group.

Anyway, had season 3 went on, I think the present day timeline is just as interesting as the future day timeline. Of course, the future has Summer Glau… so that’s a minus for the present day.