Joss Whedon To Assemble THE AVENGERS!


Wooowwww!!! that’s huge news! congrats joss! ain’t no power in the 'verse can stop him

i will feel better about the avengers movie when i see what kenneth branagh has THOR looking like.

:smiley: Oh yeah! This is great news!

this is past OSSIM…frakkin A!

well i’m glad for him; and i’m guessing so long as thor and Captain america don’t drop the ball avengers will be a blast. but either way i wish it had been a different property for marvel. just have never been able to love the avengers in the comics. but with joss at the helm they’ll get my money.

Is this what going mad feels like? I cant believe it. I think he’ll do a phenomenal job. Dudes got so much talent it just makes me mad to know he gets crapped on so often.

This is so exciting!! Joss directing a movie with Sam Jackson and RDJ - that’s just the coolest thing ever. So proud of our Joss!!

Best headline of the week: Joss Whedon to direct ‘The Avengers’?: Existence of God no longer in doubt

Dont forget Edward Norton (Hulk/Banner) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor). Chris Hemsorth was only in the new Star Trek very briefly, but was very impressive. maybe the T in james t kirk should stand for THOR instead of Tiberius.

I thought Serenity had awesome effects for a movie with a small budget. i am sure Avengers is going to be awesome.

i wonder which era’s avengers is it going to be

While I believe miracles happen, believing this is proof of a supreme being (other than Summer Glau and Felicia Day) is a bit much. d:

One of the comments:

So they’ll fight Bad Horse and the Evil League of Evil?


Pretty sure current era since Iron Man and Hulk (I hope) are in it.

wouldn’t that be weird when there currently is a series of Iron Man being made? it would be hard to get over if they used someone else for Iron Man

Uhh… The plan is to use Sam Jackson and RDJ…

woah… leave some budget for the effect.

Lol. Yeah.

I think you may be thinking of Justice League which (last I heard) was going to use relative unknown actors apart from Routh and Bale.

it is built into their contracts, the same way some are signed on to do sequels. when they signed on to play iron man, hulk, thor, and captain america, they signed on to do THE AVENGERS also.
a while back sam jackson made a fuss and asked for more money. he got it. i wonder if anyone will have a cameo in the new iron man movie? robert downey junior popped up as tony stark in the incredible hulk. im sure you will see sam jackson as nick fury in thor and captain america.
its all coming together so nicely. my only worry is what kenneth branagh directing thor will look like. thor seems to me to be a very difficult movie to make.

You’ll definitely see Fury in Iron Man 2. Other than that though? Maybe Norton or General Thunderbolt

always stay after the credits–thats mostly when the “surprise” characters show up…mostly :smiley:

Evidently, The Avengers isn’t the only thing he is working on…

"As for the exclusive news, Pajiba is fortunate enough to have a source close to the project who has some interesting info on The First Avenger: Captain America. Apparently Whedon’s role in the Marvel film universe may expand even further, as he’s also likely to be tasked with doing a polish on the Captain America script. "

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