Jim Henson Arc


I’ve seen “Muppet Arc” thrown about but what about a broader scope? Above and beyond the muppets Jim Henson is also responsible for

Sam and Friends (which I have never seen)
Many [coffee] commercials (most of which I likely haven’t seen)
The Cube (not the 1997 Canadian Sci-Fi)
Sesame Street (he didn’t create it but arguably it wouldn’t have worked without him)
The first season of Saturday Night Live (There was a muppet segment)
The Labyrinth
The Dark Crystal
Fraggle Rock
The Storyteller (One of my favourite TV shows ever!)
Dinosaurs (Was Jim Henson involved in this?)

Perhaps this could be done in addition to a Muppet arc.

Jim Henson. Guy was awesome. That is all.


Very agreed. I love Labyrinth. And The Dark Crystal will always hold a special place in the dark, twisted, and downright creepy area of my heart. I’d love to see (hear) this arc on GWC.


Maybe an episode of Farscape too? :slight_smile:


The Smithsonian had a great little Jim Henson exhibit a few years ago and they had all his early puppet commercials, including the coffee ones. Seriously, I would have bought ANYTHING that guy tried to sell me.

I’ve never seen The Storyteller but it is on Netflix IW. I take it you’d recommend that I watch?


Yes! John Hurts voice is burned onto the brain of my inner child. Just the opening:

When people told their past with stories, explained their present with stories, foretold the future with stories, the best place by the fire was kept for The Storyteller.

In fact, I’m going to watch it right now :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright. Added to queue.


Newbee here but yes indeed a Jim Henson arc would be damn sweet. I’ve been inspired by his stuff for years . Dark Crystal and Labyrinth my two all time Henson films.

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