Jesse's timeline

there’s a pretty cool timeline diagram in the Why Terminator makes no sense thread. first let me digress a bit into the timeline stuff.

Obviously time travel stories usually messes up everything, even in very well written time travel stories. But “time travel” in Terminator, especially the later series, seems to imply that every different action taken in the past creates a different time line?

When a new timeline is created, does that erase the original time line? John’s birth seems to say otherwise, since sending someone back created him in the past. That was a predestination paradox. But like I said, later series seems to have a different take on the issue.

If sending someone back simply creates a new alternate timeline but does not erase the original timeline, I wonder what would be the point to send anyone back at all. The resistance was about to win. By sending back the T-800, all skynet managed to do is possibly create a timeline where the resistance might fail.

But it would not affect John Connor, since his timeline would be unaffected, and he would win the war. Whether or not human race becomes extinct in an alternate timeline really doesn’t matter to John Connor. Since he would have no way of knowing what happening in that timeline anyway.

So assume if the original timeline would get erased once something significant in the past has changed, let’s talk about Jesse.

It is implied in the show that Jesse might be from an alternate timeline to the one that Derek is from.

In Jesse’s timeline:

John sends all his time with Cameron
John puts too much trust in reprogrammed terminator
Derek was tortured by human traitor Charles Fisher
Jesse had Derek’s baby.

In Derek’s timeline:

Cameron is an asset to John, though not to the point where she is the only one that gets to see John.
Andy Goods Turk became Skynet
Derek was captured and tortured by Cameron before John captured and reprogrammed her.
Jesse and Derek’s baby. (Told by Cameron)

Jesse’s mission was to seperate John from Cameron, and she knew exactly when to find John and Cameron. Meaning John Connor in her timeline grew up with Cameron, and that John Connor became inseparable from Cameron as the result of John sending Cameron back.

In the world of TSCC, humans that were sent back are in this order:

I: The Engineer to before 1963
II: 4 resistance fighters to stop Skynet targeting key resistance assets, one is Derek Reeese.
III: Cameron to protect Sarah and John. (since Cameron knows of the hiding place of the 4 resistance fighters.
IV: Jesse, most likely sent herself back to put an end to John trusting Cameron, since the result of III make things for the worse.

Catherine Weaver would have been sent back after Jesse’s trip.

Embrace the Paradox!

I’d recommend the Skynext podcast for your TSCC fix, Han :cool:

Actually, you’d have to consider the possibility of multiple timelines. Them skynext boys figured that Jesse & Catherine Weaver emerge from a third timeline, where there existed a rebel faction to Skynext; much like the rebel Cylons, except that the rebel Skynext were well and capable of killing humans.

yup, i have 4 Skynext podcasts on my ipod right now as I am heading for a 3 hour flight + hours of wait time.

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Terminator isn’t a show about alternate timelines; it’s a show about two sides in a war changing one timeline to get an advantage over each other. The “different futures” Derek Reese keeps talking about about aren’t evidence of alternate futures, they’re evidence of him realizing he’s permanently changed the future – even if he went back, it wouldn’t be “his” future any more.

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This really depends on which time travel model the story uses. TSCC give me the idea that the writers decided to use a more updated scientific vision of tim

my understanding of parallel universe (from reading too much Scientific American and watching that darn Michio Kaku’s shows) goes something like this.

There are infinite parallel universes. Each one contains different decisions. There are universes where Derek Reese never went back in time, or Derek Reese is at a different age, and those where Derek went back further in time, heck, there exist a universe where the only difference from ours is that one single electron is at a different location. The possibilities are endless.

And there are universes where Derek hasn’t created a causality loop yet. As he went back for the first time in that universe. I’ll take it from there.

When Derek “go back in time”, assuming it is done by folding time from the 5th dimension, by the time Derek traveled back, this Derek that traveled to the past have diverged from universes where he never went back in time.

Let’s call the universe our Derek who traveled back in time T-verse, and his original universe O-verse.

Here’s my point, even though “this Derek” diverged from those universes where he didn’t travel back in time, it doesn’t mean those universes cease to exist. He is just now in a different universe from the one where he never traveled back.

In order for our Derek in the T-verse to travel to O-verse, where Derek didn’t travel back in time, he now needs more than just time travel.

Because he will need to travel from one D-Brane to another (probably by ways of super gravity). If our Derek simply time traveled back to when he left the future, that future would be the future of the T-verse, not the O-verse where he started from.

In this model then, you can have multiple timelines, especially when you have multiple people or machine traveling back to the past from different points of the future, probably from different verses.

Let me see if i can find a better way to explain what i am trying to say.

Imagine you have many different wiki containing the wiki page on Cameron. These different wikis are like different universes on different D-branes.

  1. At first someone created a Cameron page on Wikipedia, it was the first Cameron page in all the wiki.

  2. At this point someone copied the content of the Wikipedia Cameron page, and pasted to the newly created Terminator Wiki.

  3. Now both Cameron page are starting from the same place, but they will end up different as time goes on.

  4. (Time travel Backward) You can go back in time back restoring from History. Both page can end up to the original version of the Cameron page.

  5. (Time travel Forward) But when you undo restore history, they will end up in different places.

  6. (Universe jump/ D-Brane jump) Unless someone copies contents of one page and replace the other one.

I guess i didn’t make it easier. Anyway, this time travel model is more in accordance with the m-theory. It also resolves the issues of different Judgment Days in every version of the franchise. Because Judgment Days has been altered.

Even without going here, different judgment days also means different time lines. It just opens up the possibility for one timeline to cease to exist when something is changed.

anyway… Time travel is evil…