Is the terminator a dying franchise

and to begin I really don’t wish the series ill. but I was thinking about this. I mean TSCC (Which remains the best iteration of Terminator in my opinion) couldn’t keep an audience and sustain itself. The latest movie although fine was in no way anything special. So what do you all think, in 10 years will we have a whole bunch more terminator, or will there be one maybe two more movies and that is all?

it’s weird the same topic is popping up in the forums i visit. is it because of this article?

Though it’s possible we won’t even get 2 more movies.

After the death of TSCC, i keep wondering just how much audience is needed for a FX heavy scifi show to stay on a network TV.

if a show can draw 7mil like TSCC in the first season, or like what Glee is doing now, would that be enough?

I wonder if Glee isn’t on FOX, would it draw more audiences. Anyway, if only scifi shows can draw 21 mil like Desperate Housewives… i think then geeks will die from all the bliss…

wait what’s so great about Desperate Housewives again?.. oh yeah… Nathan Fillion…

Far as Im concerned their have been 2 Terminator movies and thats it. If they make another just as awesome as the first 2 then I might add a 3rd, otherwise this franchise is dead to me. I think they should retire it and move on if they arent going to do it well.

To me, Terminator is Terminator unless James Cameron is behind it. Though, I did like TSCC. In my opinion, Terminator ended with T2, but TSCC is a great addition to the mythology. T3 and Salvation, not so much.

James Cameron has moved on though.

You know, I felt the same way about the original Planet of the Apes movies: the first two, great, then went downhill pretty steeply after that. We see similar patterns with franchises all over: Star Trek, Star Wars, even James Bond for example. I think if things get crappy enough, and fans quit going, franchises just go dormant. Look at how long there was before ANY incarnation of Star Trek after the original series. So, if your favorite fanchise dies out for now, don’t despair. Some executive sometime down the road will remember that the central concept was sound (and made money) and bring it back to life in the future. I’m 51, and I still haven’t lived long enough to see any franchise die out completly yet.

UFO and Space:1999 spring to mind. Ironically, if it wasn’t for the endless copyright regime we have now someone would have revived them by now.

It’s one of those movies that really can’t spawn a stable following to the point of, say, Star Wars or anything like that. Pretty soon, its going to be kept alive only by the painful rasping machine we call “fanfic”…and even THAT is a little difficult to come by.

I just looked up “UFO” and not sure if I remember it or not. I would’ve been a newborn when it came out but maybe I saw it in reruns, not sure.

I definitely remember Space:1999, I think I was in kindergarten and we played it on the playground. Loved that show back then! Was it actually a franchise though?

Depends on your definition. They both took place in the same universe, although that wasn’t at all obvious (they were set a decade or two apart from each other.)

Space:1999 doesn’t really hold up very well, aside from the design and effects. UFO (which was earlier) holds up pretty well, though.