Is The Doctor Asexual?

I read this entry on a queer blog this morning and was wondering what folks think about The Doctor’s sexuality (or lack thereof)

There is somewhat of an argument to be made on that topic. In all the time we have known the doctor, he has never, to our knowledge, performed any sexual act. He was, however, in love with Sara Jane Smith, and he absolutely loved Rose Tylor.
We do know that the Doctor at one time had a wife and children. It was their deaths in the "time war’ that fuel both his rage and his absolute devotion to solving things without violence.

It’s funny though, This was never a topic when the Actor that plays the doctor was older. It is only since they have cast better looking, younger men that people have taken notice of his lack of sexual activity.

good topic.

The Doctor is not asexual, just not given to fits of lust. He has had at least two daughters, one in the old and one in the new series, and mentions of a wife that died. I do not know if the wife bore both daughters…

the Doctor’s daughter in the new series was created by a clone machine. we saw that one happen, no Mom involved.

I can not think of the episode that he finally talks about his wife and child, but it seem that his wife was the mother of his child.

The Doctor is definitely asexual… a sexual DYNAMO!

Seriously though, he’s been married, had children, at least one grandchild and eventually marries River Song, all referenced or appeared on TV, so are canon.

In the New Adventures, which were at one point canon, he (as Doctor 8) sleeps with Benny Sumerfield.

The New Adventures make Gallifrey culture a bit different than expected, as all Gallifreyans are sterile, and unable to reproduce without “The Great Genetic looms”, I’d go on, but really, you should just read The New Adventures, because they really are about 90% great, and VERY revealing.

Hmm, I only started watching during the Christopher Eccleston series so I didn’t realize he had so many family ties in his past. But if you look at each regenerated Doctor as having a different personality (kinda like Trills do in Star Trek), I think one can argue the case for the relationship between the David Tennant Doctor and Rose being strong and intense yet not sexual.

The Doc’s definitely hetero, for all the reasons listed above… but Tennet personally seems to be very attractive to both straight and gay, which seems to be the driving force behind this question. This blog writer self-admittedly is not much of a fan, so she evidently doesn’t know much about the Doctor.

Coincidentally, I just watched that episode last night “The Doctor’s Daughter”.
Quite awesome. And she’s a cutie.

And she’s really A doctors daughter,

Yes she was.:smiley: Maybe we will see her again

AND she’s really dating David Tennet!

IMHO, if you were 900+ years old, you would have tried everything.
We just don’t get to see it being ‘family entertainment’.
Here’s to being ‘flexible’.

I kinda always thot of the Doctor as being more like Capt’ Jack where he is Omnisexual with a leaning towards straight. as we saw it Jack definitely leaned to gay but I sense he had a unfulfilled love towards Gwen.

And techinaclly the Doctor is Bixenosexual at the very least. He is after all an alien and has fallen for humans and we can assume a Time Lord wife.

I’ve got a theory about why the Doctor never showed interest in anyone “that way” until his 9th incarnation.
It’s been implied (secondary sources) that the Doctor’s wife (i.e. his granddaughter Susan’s grandmother) suffered final death before his leaving home (something very bed™ happened to the entire family except the Doctor and Susan). He never even thinks about sex for hundreds of years (at least) because he hadn’t fully recovered from his loss.

What took so long recovering: Time Lord sex is just that mind-blowing. Nothing could ever equal it. It’s the only explaination for ignoring all the “hottie” companions over the years of “classic Who”.

And wow, did that whole thing sound better in my head that written out.

I just don’t think it’s part of the story, since, as a few writers and actors have explicitly stated, the show is written for 8 yr olds. That the Doctor had a family and later loved Sarah Jane and Rose, is about the most they should be saying to an 8 yr old audience, no?

I don’t think he’s asexual - I think he’s just been alive so long that his libido isn’t what controls him - it’s like when boys are 15 and can’t keep it in their trowsers and then they grow up and they keep are at least CAPABLE of keeping it in their trowsers (not that some of them actually do). He’s just evolved beyond it being a huge part of his life. I always thought the whole “dr. dances” think was a bit of a euphamism for sex. The 10th Doctor certainly loved Rose in a way that was more than just friendship. I think he was at least attracted to madame de pompador. And of course we know he’ll have a relationship with River Song someday - I assumed that was sexual…

maybe sex means something different to Timelords - he does have 2 hearts - maybe other bits are different as well? :eek:

I don’t know - but the 10th Doctor was certainly sexY :smiley:

The Doctor’s future/past wife, River Song, was in this weekend’s episode, The Time of Angels. She was played by Alex Kingston.

He remembered being married to her, but the marriage was still in her future due to the timeline.

How could he remember being married to her when the last time he saw her as the 10th Doctor he had never met her before?

There have been references to Elizabeth I (most recently in “The Beast Below”) not really being “The Virgin Queen” because of the Doctor.

Definitely not asexual if he could deflower Ol’ Bess. :stuck_out_tongue:

She certainly remembered him.