io9 --Is Joss Whedon's Dollhouse Going the Way of Firefly?

io9’s Jul 22 take on the Dollhouse pilot reshoot:

“Today Joss Whedon broke the news that he would be shooting a new pilot for Fox series Dollhouse, the near-future tale of a group of “dolls” who can be imprinted with any personality their employers choose: ninja, lover, spy, and tons of other things. Apparently Fox found the pilot too confusing and dark, and Whedon says he responded by offering to shoot a new pilot. He will turn the old pilot into the first episode. For those of you who remember that the exact same thing happened with the pilot of Whedon’s last TV show, the legendary space western Firefly, take heart. Whedon says it’s not the same thing. …”

Maybe it’s not too late to join the Save-the-Dollhouse campaign?

Ha. Remember that with Firefly the execs basically told him last minute that they didn’t want the pilot to be first and that he literally had to write a new one in a weekend. He and Tim cranked out the Train Job in two days and started shooting that Monday.

So, technically it isn’t the same thing and from my understanding it isn’t that uncommon. However, it certainly does sound familiar…

I like how the spin on it is Joss decided to change it and it had nothing to do with Fox.
I seriously doubt if Fox didn’t express confusion and disappointment, he wouldn’t have made a new one.

Is it a bad omen? Time will tell. Hopefully it’s nothing, but it shook my confidence in the show a bit.

It makes me wonder though, what with Whedon being so positive in interviews about Fox, to see this happening too.

Yeah, I read this yesterday and immediately thought “oh no!” It sounds like a bad omen to me. Joss has been awfully positive–I wonder if it’s genuine or if it’s killing him. Sigh.

Well, it worked for ST:TOS…

Here is a link to what Joss said about it on Whedonesque. I trust him so I’m not worried.

God, I now officially have a man-crush on Joss. He writes in the way I think and I just howl with laughter. Brilliant…and a shout out to Homestarrunner at the end, perfect!

Yeah he’s just about the funniest man alive.

Me, too!

Yeah, I can’t imagine that Joss isn’t savvy enough to navigate this after all his experiences. And Fox has frakked up geek-beloved things for themselves SO many times now that I want to believe that they’re going to allow it to be what it is and make money off of the DVD sales and everything else they can market to us.

I wonder if there weren’t enough boobs, sex, guns, explosions and boobs in the original pilot for the Fox folks. I know he fought hard with them on those points with Firefly. Given how huge Dr. Horrible is, let’s hope Fox doesn’t mess around to much with a good thing.

Per Eliza Dushku, there weren’t enough shots of her in leather pants. Here’s the quote:

“I, for some reason, did not get to wear my leather pants in the first episode, and that was kind of a problem… that was like a deal breaker. We have leather pants for me in the [new pilot].”

Read Joss’ side of the story there as well

grrr… arg

here’s to Fox!

Whoa. Hold on here.

It may be network politics, but Joss has said they had a point. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt here. Joss is certainly capable of doing an inscruitable pilot, so maybe it was just that simple.

OK, so what do we send to the execs when it is cancelled? I’m thinking creepy dolls.