Introduction To Defiance

Defiance is the first transmedia event SyFy has even taken on. Defiance is both a MMO style multi platform video game and a fully backed TV show. While SyFy has steered clear of space-based series following the cancellation of SGU, Defiance brings forth some of the best aspects of the space-based genre but confined it to a futuristic terraformed Earth. Defiance the video game is based is what used to be San Francisco Bay area while Defiance the TV show is set in what used to be St Louis area, now called Defiance. Humans and aliens attempt to coexist in Defiance while powerful alien (and perhaps human) forces will fight to take over its resources. Defiance, by all accounts, will be set is a post-apocalyptic Earth. Aliens have presumably forced Earth’s transformation/terraformation to make it suitable for their species. What is left is a hodge-podge of futuristic scavanged tech, outstanding human-alien relationships, and a new Earth that is hardly recognizable. Join us here in the GWC Defiance Thread to discuss Defiance the show, Defiance the video game, and the Defiance universe in general.