Interview with Kevin Murphy (Show Runner)

Found this very insightful interview where the writer/exec producer gives insight, which errors they made, how they tried to steer the show in a different direction and what would have been the concept for season 2 and further on. So sad that it won’t get realized.

Thanks for posting that, andiminga. I still wish the team would have gotten the opportunity to continue their course correction and get a full season two in. Even with the missteps, they were putting down a pretty strong foundation for a season two bridge to BSG. That story is one I would have loved to see portrayed by this cast and written by that writing crew.

Thanks for the link. I think this wins as understatement of the year.

Kevin Murphy: Notions of appropriateness go out the window when you’re talking about corporate decision-making.

Oh yeah, I had to chuckle at that quote as well.

Man, it’s a damn shame that the vision was never realized because I think Season 2 could have revitalized not just SyFy but science fiction in general.

Thanks for posting the interview! I was surprised that Kevin gave me so much information and I almost felt guilty posting it - knowing how amazing the potential for the story was but also knowing that Syfy has washed their hands with the idea.

Kevin was very candid and my appreciation for that is immeasurable.

The Caprica petition is over 10,000 signers now so clearly there is an audience for more of Caprica, a movie, or a comic book. Syfy seems focused more on developing other original series though.

My hope is that if interest in Blood & Chrome picks up they may consider taking the series backwards to the time between Caprica and when the war began. But who knows what will actually happen as Blood & Chrome has mostly been quietly developed since its announcement.

Thanks for bumping this thread, cuz I missed it when originally posted.

Fascinating article. Sounds like Murphy was on the right track.

Grrr… i’m still so mad and bummed that this amazing show was cancelled.
Most Sci fi on TV now is meh and earth-bound … Litterally and figuratively.

I’ve been re-watching the series on DVD again, I find I’m enjoying it much more on the second watch…I loved all the V-World stuff…it just felt so Matrix-ish with Tamara as the unknowing Neo-type, then you added Zoe as a mix of the all knowing stuff of the Oracle and being able to go toe to toe with her like Smith…the only thing I still have trouble with in the show is the Greystones and Joseph Adama were so damned dry, except for when Daniel was scheming to get his company back

What really bugs me is the last 5 episodes were AWESOME and they never got aired grumble