In Your Eyes (2014)

IMDb: 7.0 RT: 64%

I was constantly reminded of Spike Jonze’s Her: a budding romance in an radically new context, bouts of cringy voyeurism, lots of charm. What’s profoundly different from Her: the stupefyingly endearing sentiment that any two people can fall in love with each other, overcoming their flaws and life’s difficulties, given time and understanding. At least you won’t have to worry here about the looming downer that your one true love will inevitably outgrow you and move on. To err is human. Whedon can and does sell you on this… for a brief shining, wonderful ninety minutes.

At the moment, “rent” to view for $5 exclusively at Vimeo on demand. Actually pretty handy, you can (re)watch it with others on any conceivable gadget able to stream video.