I'm sorry I suck

Hi Everyone

I just wanted to say that I’m sorry I haven’t been around in the community much recently. I’ve been suffering from ongoing poor health over the last year with some acute periods in the last few months. I’m also busting my guts at work as I have only a few months left on my contract and I may be unemployed soon. I miss you guys!

More importantly I’m very embarassed that I missed the GWC 200 book, it was just a bridge too far at the time.

I have been listening to the podcasts, although I’m a bit behind, and I’ve loved some of the recommendations for movies, TV, and music. Notably “Chuck” (my new favourite show of all time!), the UK “Life on Mars”, and the “Symphony of Science” music (as an atheist I want “We are all connected” to be played at my funeral in lieu of hymns).

I am going to try to get on the forum a bit more. I would love it if a few of you could tell me/post links to some highlights or summary of what’s happpened on the forum and in the community. I would like to catch up but I can’t read all the posts from the past year.

Love to you all,


first off welcome back; i too had to leave for a short while after i got my diagnosis to get my stuff together, you were missed but; you do not suck as for a catch up i’m kinda doing the same thing so i’ll post them as i find them.

Missed you!

I’m really sorry to hear that Boomer. I will have a read on the forum also would love it if you come accross any revelations.

Awww, you’re sweet

Call in a “Potter Porn” if you have time. We miss you and your voice. :slight_smile:

Despite your claim, there is no evidence that you suck. In fact, there is more evidence to the contrary. For one, Sean may or may not have named his baby after you.

Hope you feel better soon, and lots of job vibes for you! You most certainly do not suck.

Weclome back Michaela! Missed you too! Get heathy and stay positive!

Michaela, I was going to make a grossly inappropriate comment based on the title of this thread (you can figure it out) but I’ll refrain. It’s just nice to see you around. There’s been a number of us who have been strangers recently and playing catch up to varying degrees. So don’t feel bad and jump in whenever you can. We miss you.

And for my money, the podcast intros haven’t been the same since you stopped doing them. Just my two cents there.

Welcome back! My highlight from the last few weeks was when Audra made a meat wall of Elves, and had Aragorn and Sy Snottles ride Data. (See here.)

Health and employment first, fun on the forums later. I hope things improve for you!

Dang girl. If you suck, I must be a black hole. I missed you and I wasn’t even here. Get healthy, and get on the boards when you can. You’ll always be welcome. It’s the GWC after all.