I'da dumped her too...

She’s hot and all but if she don’t like Firefly, she’s out. :groucho:

Via io9 thru toplessrobot.com


Yeah, bitch totally had to go.

He’s not wrong.

Yeah…ya dont like the show…ya gots to go

Honestly, you dont have to LOVE it…jus’ don’t be hatin’.

And dont give the look when I quote lines.

And dress like Saffron on my Birthday and we can play “going to the special hell”

not too much to ask… :smiley:

Yeah - I could tolerate someone not loving the show or feeling indifferent - but anyway who actually DOESN’T LIKE Firefly obviously has not soul and therefore would need to gets the ef out.

Last gf I had wasn’t fond of it, didn’t hate it and was paient when I wanted to watch it we had a conversation a little similar the scene in family guy when peter says he didn’t Like the godfather. But it didn’t end our relationship. Course she did love buffy