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Thank you, The Caprica Times, and Welcome.

I loved Caprica and I am so sad to see it cancelled. Thank you for the links to the petition to get the word out and let SyFy know.

It’s got my siggy.

Thanks for the info. (Done and done!)

I’m a big fan of the show and I’m not happy that it got cancelled.

I’m not 100% sure I want to. The show was being managed at the same level as Stargate Universe. That is, to say, poorly in my opinion.

  • 3-5 minutes of story per 45 minute episode.
  • Emotionally dead characters whom I find uncompelling and forgettable.
  • Feels like a shadow of a show it succeeded.

If you guys want it to come back, I wish you the very best, but I don’t feel the emotion for this I did for things like Firefly, etc.

Thunderscreech, I think i would have agreed with you after seeing only the first half of season 1.5, but having seen the final five episodes I can say I truly wish Caprica had gotten a season 2. I urge you to watch them if you haven’t already; to me the quality built with every episode and the finale was extremely satisfying. But you’re absolutely right; there were times that the show was bogged down in unnecessary plotlines and artificial tension. But give the final five a chance.

For the record, I’ve seen every episode of both Caprica and SG:U.

Glad some of you are finding the info helpful. I’ve been trying to reach out more before the episodes air in January. If Syfy were to make a decision about extending the series my bet is it would be then. If they put Caprica and Blood & Chrome together they would have a ratings powerhouse - not sure why they decided against this other than financial reasons. :frowning:

Welcome to the forum. Nice for a first post.

I signed the petition. Thanks for sharing that with us.

Ever since Farscape got revived for the mini-series, I believe that Sci-Fi almost expects petitions anymore. This is farfetched but perhaps they pre-emptively cancel things to gauge interest, but they already have a number in mind they’re willing to bow to. They obviously know that BSG still has interest, or they wouldn’t be doing another movie/back door pilot. They are after a different kind of verification with this and Stargate Universe I think. Universal nor MGM has any interest in letting their TV cash cows die, but SyFy has contracts that prevent things like network swapping.

I complete all three task by the way, I believe in this!