how should we report forum spam!?


is there a process in place?


In posts, the little triangle icon under the poster’s name & info is a report button.


The forum moderators (aka “the mods”) are usualy pretty good at catching it. I just don’t see any online this early on a Saturday morning.

~Shooter Out


Wow there has been a lot of spam in the last few days!


What DXF said…using that button will send an email to alert all the mods. Oh and don’t bother sending them a Visitor Message or responding to their post(z)…most of these spammers are bots.

We try Shooter, we try. :slight_smile:

Forums across the web have been hit hard (including us) with spammers from Europe since New Years day just about. So there will be more until this wave of stupidity passes.


So you’re saying it’s hopeless?


Yeah, I PMed Solai and thanked me but told me about the little button. I never even seen it before.

“But what about that little guy?”
“That little guy? I wouldn’t worry about that little guy.”


There is always hope. Granted not much hope that they will go away but…


I’ve been using that little triangle a lot recently. The spammers tend to crop up in the early morning hours of US tz.


The spammers are here 24/7, I banned 46 of them between 3:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. today before leaving for a family get together. Now I’ll go clean up the ones that created accounts while I was gone.


I stand corrected.

Thanks though.


I should point out that Gryper is pulling the yeoman’s duty here. I’m impressed when I get a dozen. And that’s usually on the blog.

Nobody’s deserved a pizza cutter more.


No problem. We are just seeing more spammers creating posts with this new wave of activity. Most just stick links in their signature, home page contact info or visitor message…so forum members don’t really notice them often. :wink:


This evening while I was on, I think I banned about 8 or 9. Frak! 46? You go, Gryper!


Edit: Grrrr…frakked up a multi-quote!

Thankfully the blog’s been quiet this week…at least when I remember to check it. :slight_smile:

Mmmm…pizza. Wonder if I can make one shaped like the Enterprise to cut with my pizza cutter?

I saw that, good job! I just cleaned out another 10. Daily average for me has been about 40 to 45 since Jan 4th. From what I can find out there’s a new script out for the bots to bypass the reCaptcha (however it’s spelled) in the registration process. :frowning:

Need to get some sleep soon. Been up since 3:30 a.m. for work this morning. Hopefully they won’t post anything too nasty overnight.


Go get some rest, you weary warrior.


I’m just thinking; what Sun Tzu would recommend is to give these spammers an exit strategy.

Provide a thread/category/something in the forum where they can freely advertise their wares - for a fee, of course, made out to the GWC Crue. Anyone who abuses that right would be nuked from the forum.


Most are automated bot (software) registering and posting craaaap. That’s not going to work, people are doing this to make money not pay it to someone else. I don’t want to give the access to them anywhere on this forum!


Something happened recently that I just wanted to share here. A few days ago, hyperlinks began showing up as I cruised the Forum. Seemingly random words, like “vacation”, “apps”, “work” were displayed as blue underlined hyperlinks, and when clicked, led me to a variety of advertisements and surveys. NOT COOL, and I was afraid some spambot had invaded the Forum. I sent a PM off to Gryper, our Super Moderator and Spam-Killer.

To make a long story short(er), Gryper got right back to me, and even had Juan involved to make sure the Forum hadn’t been compromised, then went a step further and did a little research, and got me to a website that pointed to exacTly the info I needed. Turns out that if you’re running Google Chrome, and you have an extension called “Bflix” which is a YouTube related uploader, that extension throws adverts and hyperlinks everywhere. Needless to say, I went into the Chrome toolbox and deleted the extension immediately, and the problem was instantly solved.

Two things: First, I’m very happy that the Forum hadn’t been compromised. And that’s thanks to all the time and effort our Moderators put into keeping garbage off of GWC. Second, thank you Gryper and Juan for being so prompt and incredibly helpful in then helping me solve the problem on my laptop too! Y’all are awesome.

Bottom line, if you see something weird going on with the Forum, report it to Gryper and Juan. They are on the job!!!


Awesome! Inspiring read, Sir!

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