Honor Harrington Movie -possibility

For all you Honor Harrington fans out there, David Weber is in discussions with Evergreen Films regarding an Honor Harrington film. Weber is favoring starting with Honor of the Queen.

I sure hope something comes of this. So let’s be about it.


I’ve known about this for a while. Thought I posted something about it but guess not.

You can see some concept art here:


Well, Ok this looks a little more promising. Great

Oh my God. I HAVE to see this!

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I’m really looking forward to this. Apparently they are starting with Honor of the Queen. That could be a good choice. I picked up a bottle of “oyster bay” wine that I’m saving for my first view on DVD.

Hope it ages well. It’s going to be 2016 at the earliest.

Apparently there were a couple presentations about this at “Honorcon” in South Carolina last weekend. Sounds like the ship designs aren’t going to be the usual ones described in the book but they’ll have some similarities.

To be honest, it’s probably swill anyway. I just bought it because the name amused me.

I’ll be interested in how they handle the space combat. Most sci-fi battles on screen are “knife fight” range. In the honorverse it’s supposed to involve huge distances. I wonder how well that will translate.