Honor Harrington Graphic Novel

Well, I’m excited!!

This March there’s an Honor Harrington graphic novel coming our way.
“Tales of Honor”

And a movie in 2017.

Here’s a link for the Jan 17 press release on David Weber’s website.




Just picked up my copy of Tales of Honor #1.
Hope it does honor to Honor. :slight_smile:

I picked up a copy as well. There’s a lot of discussion over on the David Weber forums about it, as there are quite a few things that are different from the books. I can understand the need for a pragmatic adaptation, I can accept pretty much everything. Except Nitmitz, that is a dreadful representation of our favourite treecat. He should be cuddly and adorable, up until the point you threaten his person and he becomes a flying buzzsaw of death. He looks like Turian

I have to agree. The Nimitz shown is all sharp angles.
He’s suppose to drape over your lap and purr and have silken fur and warm eyes.

Yes, until he’s in “protect” mode. And then, it all over for the “enemy”.