Here in (a real) CIC

Here are a few pics I took last Sunday in the CIC of USS Intrepid stationed in Manhattan (they recently re-opened it after a 2 years renovation). It’s a great visit and a really impressive piece of history in itself. It’s also the host to a multitude of aircrafts such as the amazing Blackbird SR-71 (which also was the X-Men plane :slight_smile: ). And of course this song is the perfect companion for this post.


Pilots briefing room:

From the bridge:

Of course, in the CIC I couldnt resist picking up one of the phones and (with my best Adama’s impression): “Admiral Cain, I want. My men. Back!”

Its more cramped than Galactica, but I can see where the set designers got their inspirations. Great job.

I got to go on the Midway a few years ago down in San Diego and when I was walking through some of the parts of the ships I had moments of clarity where the inspirations came from.

That is awesome! And I see one of the Blue Angles was there too.

Great Shots.

Not to nitpick because to the naked eye they’re hardly distinguishable but it’s not an SR-71, it’s a YF-12, the original Lockheed interceptor model that was used to build the SR-71.

Sorry, pilot, I couldn’t resist.

Had been on it before the renovation. Gotta get back to see what they did new. Great ship to be on. We have a sub here from WWII that has been moored here for years have to see if they still give tours.

Great Pics.:slight_smile:

Been there myself, commenting on the difference between an m-16 and an ar-15, and the ak-47 and ak-74 (u).

It can be difficult to resist. :slight_smile:

Nice. Weird how familiar it looks, isn’t it?

Oh indeed. I love that last one too, you say “Oh, AK-74u,” and some civilian says, “Pfft, nice try, it’s AK-47.” And then you have to make the poor person look really dumb. :smiley:

Haven’t you seen “Top Gun”?

Not since it came out.

Not to mention all the other variants of the AK-47 that people think are AK-47s when in fact, they are not.

Touche. It’s my favorite film. Pilot, sorry, can’t resist. :wink:

Just checked on the website of the USS Intrepid and indeed it’s actually neither a SR-71 nor a YF-12 but an A-12, older but still awesome :slight_smile: Here are a few other pics on the main deck:

(the F-14 is also one of my favorite plane)

I haven’t had a chance to see the Intrepid, but I did get to see the battleship USS Allbama down in Mobile, AL. I was about 17 at the time & at first was like “I don’t want to go to THAT”. Basically, typical teenager crap. We ended up spending the entire day there (we also went on the WWII class Submarine there, USS Drum) it was FASCINATING. I would love to get over to see the Intrepid.

For a second there, I thought it was a Veritech fighter!

Huh? Whut? Carry on. :smiley:

Awesome pics, Yorick!! I attended a big St Paddy’s Day party on one of the piers adjoining the Intrepid, and spent most of the afternoon staring at it instead of the other party-goers.
What a sight! :slight_smile:

Those are awesome pictures, Yorrick, thanks!

And I love Audra’s “Here in CIC” song. That song motivated my to post my first Comment on GWC Blog, and was essentially my first interaction with the GWC community. I just had to post a comment to Audra saying how cool I thot her song was!

Back in November I was invited to a cocktail/dinner party aboard the USS Midway which is a retired aircraft carrier (in museum status) in San Diego. It was awesome. I got to got on the tour below decks and stuff.
But unfortunately, during the party they weren’t letting people got into the upper part of the carrier—where the bridge, CIC, pilot-ready-room etc. stuff were.

If I had gone on the public tour during the day, I would’ve gotten to see all that. But then again, during the day I wouldn’t have been allowed to walk about the deck with a glass (er…plastic cup) of wine in my hands.:slight_smile:

Damn, you’re right!

If you look at the scenes from Robotech that shows a Veritech from the front, it kinda looks like an F-22 Raptor too.

The CIC and song reference from GWC#32 remind me of something that popped into my head during the latest sodes:

[spoiler]Hoshi and Geata,
sitting in CIC
K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!! :smiley:
Not that there’s anything wrong with that![/spoiler]