Help Nathan buy the rights to Firefly

Fans have launched a website and Facebook page to help Nathan Fillion buy the rights to Firefly, to learn more about why this started and how to help them read the article below-

I would check out Nathan Fillion’s recent interview with Marc Maron on the WTF podcast. It is quite good and amusing, but he’d does stress that his earlier stAtements were meant to be somewhat (well entirely actually) tongue-in-cheek.

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The project has been shut down.

Why do so many Firefly fans seem to be completely without a sense of irony? Yikes.

Just wanted to correct myself, because I remember that it was the Nerdist podcast not the WTF podcast. I’m just listening to both a lot right now…

Unrelated note: Good lawd, Omra. Could you cram more magical, tsundere, etc., girls into your signature? ^^

Is that a challenge??? :groucho:

btw: Is it true you are getting Faye Valentine tattooed on your back while at the meetup? :smiley:

I need to listen to the last podcast it seems…

You know this is good goal, not for Nathan although much love to a fellow Edmontonian.

But For joss I doubt fox would wholesale sell the rights, but if fans and corporate support were raised might mean a tv movie or mini series.

Wonder what a grass roots movement with some star powered support, and a kick starter campaign. Could accomplish

What brought this on my mind was that netflix bought the rights to and are producing a tv show themselves, so why not think outside the box, maybe a Google production streamed on youtube. Or yahoo or both it could be an example of web video maturing, too higher production values and you know profitability.

Could also help in breaking the strangle hold on top teer content the networks have right now and are denying it to the web.

With a fund raising camapign you could see the real life interest in projects, not just a yeah that would be cool ill sign your petition, but here’s 50 bucks if you make it. so there would be less risk to the corporate interest doubt an entire big screen movie could be funded by the campaign alone but could make it economical enough to get it off the ground, not just serenity but a bunch of other cool content that are never made. Could get a shot, I think it could be a good business model for web video. But more importantly

Serenity 2 the quickening.

Cunning dont you think

I know its nuts

My issue now is that the actors have aged a bit since the series and movie. I don’t doubt Summer could get into her role, but I’d find it difficult to buy her as a teenager again. I found it a little tough buying her as John Conner’s “sister,” but I could suspend my disbelief enough.

And not to hate on Nathan, but he’s gained weight. d: So, a new movie would remind me Shatner in Star Trek V (maybe that’s a bad example) or Lee Majors in the later made for TV bionic movies unless all the actors can get back in shape (not saying they can’t or wouldn’t).

With all that said, a fund raiser could definitely work. They are putting a statue of Robocop in or near Detroit due to fund raising efforts!

fastcart, you said it, my mind is now redundant.

though i didn’t have trouble buying Summer as John Conner’s sister, cause they never said if she was the younger sister. Besides, she didn’t really start looking older than John till the later half of season 2, when she started losing her baby cheeks.

I can agree with you there. And, thanks for pointing out that they didn’t say she was a younger sister. Problem is there were supposed to be in the same grade… So may be not younger, but at least very close in age. But true, my disbelief didn’t begin having trouble until maybe around second season. She was still ok for the pilot.

Tbh, I was afraid I would be called a troll for my original statements giving the strong feelings many GWCers have towards Firefly, but I’m sorry I ever doubted the community. (:

That Nerdist podcast with Nathan Fillion is just awesome. those are are at his house!?

That repo brothers idea is just awesome, I can’t believe it’s not on TV yet. It’d be fun to see Fillion and Tudyk do that show tho.

Can Tyduk do a show where he’s not killed off (Dollhouse is the exception)? It seems like a mandatory obligation for his contract agreements. d:

Why could it not be years later? Instead of right after Serenity? And use comic books to fill in the gaps, they can be drawn at any age after all…

him and Jeffrey Dean Morgan… in Weeds he wasn’t even shown alive.

I thought of that, but i am not sure i could believe the crew could plausibly or would still be together, in contact, or regroup after several years. Firefly had a 5 (or w/e) year arc kinda feel to me. You know?

Maybe Whedon could pull an Epitaph 1 and 2, but I dunno.

This is true. Poor Denny (Grey’s Anatomy).

This whole thing was such a mess. I feel like folks just need to move on. Firefly will always be perfect in my opinion and I will always love it. But its time has passed. I would love a couple more movies but - the show is done. Besides Joss and Co. are all busy doing other things now - I highly doubt Joss would have time for this (with the Avengers) and any revival w/o him would be unacceptable IMO.

Also - the property isn’t even for sale. You can’t buy something that isn’t for sale.

Glad it was put to rest.