Haven Episode 4.09 William **** SPOILERS ****

Episode Summary from syfy.com:

[i]Right when Audrey is about to kill Nathan for the greater good of Haven, she looks up to see one of the devious henchmen that haunted her inside The Barn. She and Nathan give chase and run into Duke, Vince and Dave who are rushing in to make sure that Audrey hasn’t already killed Nathan.

Now that the henchmen have escaped from The Barn into the real world, everything has changed and if Audrey kills Nathan, the whole town will be sent into a tailspin. Meanwhile, the henchmen are doing their best to rip the town apart by amplifying the power of the Troubles as well as infecting people with rage and paranoia.

The henchmen kidnap Dwight and hold him hostage but he manages to sneak in a call to Nathan who shows up with Audrey to save him. Once they free Dwight, they discover another prisoner: William, the man who helped Audrey escape from The Barn. After they get William to the police station, they discover that he has amnesia. He doesn’t remember who he is or how he was captured but Audrey remembers William fondly and she helps him remember how he helped her in The Barn.

Elsewhere in the prison, the henchmen use their powers to infect Dwight, Jennifer and Nathan with a rage-like paranoia. Since things are falling apart amongst their core group, Audrey and Duke lock Jennifer, Dwight and Nathan up. Later, when Audrey and William leave to set things right in the town, Duke stays behind to stand guard.

Later, when Audrey and William touch some of his memories come back. In fact, he’s able to lead Audrey right to the box that the henchmen were interrogating Dwight about. Unfortunately, it’s not all good news. He also reveals himself to be the boss of the two henchmen and claims that he and Audrey had a significant relationship sometime in the past. So, William never actually lost his memory. It was all a ruse to help Audrey remember him and the time they previously shared together.

Now that William has played his hand, Nathan, Jennifer and Dwight return to normal (much to Duke’s relief) but William still has Audrey trapped in the middle of nowhere and it’s three against one. William knocks Audrey out and, when she awakens, fortunately, Nathan is there to comfort her.[/i]

Episode Summary from en.wikipedia.org:

The thugs from the barn kidnap Dwight and interrogate him about a mysterious box. In a scuffle Dwight turns his phone on and speed dials Nathan and the conversation Nathan hears helps to free Dwight and capture the thugs, who have also taken William prisoner. William is suffering from amnesia. At the police station the smaller thug emits a black bead which invades Dwight’s ear and he becomes paranoid. This happens to Nathan and Jennifer as well. Dwight suffering from a delusion goes off to Duke’s boat looking for the knife whose point was left in a murder victim. Duke finds Dwight who has ransacked the boat and Dwight arrests him. Audrey and William go to the morgue where Gloria the M.E. has a number of new corpses. She tells them that there was a black bead in the skull of each body. The first was of a person who was acting so erratically that he was shot. Dwight brings Duke to the station. Nathan is deluded into thinking that Audrey is having a fling with William and Jennifer thinks Duke wants to put her into an asylum. After an interrogation of the small thug Audrey touches William and gets a shock similar to an electric shock. It causes William to remember that as the Barn collapsed he had jumped and landed on a hill above Haven with the box, which he left on the hill. Both Audrey and Duke understand that the strange behavior must be Trouble related. They deduce that Dwight, Nathan and Jennifer each have black beads in their heads, which causes them to be crazed. Duke keeps all three of them in check at the police station as Audrey and William go to retrieve the box. Once on the hill, William admits that he has always remembered what happened in the bar, and he fetches the box from inside a tree stump. William asks if she remembers being together with him on the hill, but she can’t. He says that when he felt the spark he knew that the person he has been talking about is still within Audrey. He gives the box to Audrey, which she opens to find a beautiful flower. The flower turns into a pile of black beads. He admits that he is responsible for the change in the Troubles and that the thugs work for him. He is doing everything because he loves her and he wants her back. He approaches her and touches her cheeks, causing an electric shock, and she faints. Audrey regains consciousness to see Nathan’s face, and she hugs him.

Please use this thread to discuss the series’ forty-eighth overall and fourth season nine episode William. Rule: Please keep spoilers limited to those revealed during the series up to this episode only.

Well this show sure has not disappointed this year. The plot and revelations keep coming. And I totally missed that the two guys running around town dispensing troubles were the two guys from the barn. That was awesome to learn but personally very disappointing that I didn’t catch it.

Williams/Colin Ferguson completely snowed me. I so thought he was a good guy. Come to learn he is Audrey’s original boyfriend and probably the reason why the barn was built to begin with in order to contain him. Williams paints a picture that the original person Audrey was - not any “Haven Saver” - was in love with him. Maybe the original person Audrey was knows what the answer really is to the Haven troubles.

I don’t remember seeing any of those horseshoe crabs with human eyes this episode. Which is so much the better because those things are creepier than heck.

The cliff hanger at the beginning of the show was quickly dealt with. Both with the gun shot and everyone learning that Audrey was back.

The mystery of the hand prints and the troubles was taken care of in this episode too. Although those little back jelly bean floating looking things from the box are pretty nasty.

Who else thinks Duke Crocker got off easy for killing his brother Wade? Everything structured about the troubles is gone now. It’s pretty troubling (no pun intended) how the town is going to have to deal with the troubles from this point forward.

Despite the movement forward in story arc, Jennifer’s ability to connect with the barn or her past was not addressed at all this episode. There is definitely more to Jennifer than meets the eye.