Haven Episode 4.08 Crush **** SPOILERS ****

Episode Summary from syfy.com:

[i]After Duke buries his brother the reality of his loss sets in and he decides to leave Haven for good. All he needs is for local deep-sea diver Jack Driscoll to return his pump and for Jennifer to get her things off the boat. Unfortunately for Duke, fate has other plans and while he’s walking around town he discovers a new Trouble: A force powerful enough to crush cars and people.

Nathan and Audrey are enjoying the opportunity to finally be intimate with each other, but they have to be very carful. If Vince and the rest of The Guard suspect that Audrey is Audrey then they’ll force her to kill Nathan. So, to keep everyone off their scent, they keep up the ruse that Audrey is actually Lexie.

As Nathan and Audrey investigate the mysterious pressure in town they also discover that Vince and Dave have the bends and it’s only Jack’s decompression chamber that can save them. Jennifer immediately suspects that Jack is the Troubled person but everyone waves her off since the Driscoll family has never had the Troubles.
As the pieces fall into place, it turns out that Jennifer is right. He and his brother have developed a Trouble: Whenever they feel stressed they create the pressure of being deep in the ocean all around them. All it takes to overcome is some deep breathing exercises but there is a new problem: Jack’s brother is so alarmed by the damage around him, he can’t calm down. Ultimately, Audrey has to walk out to him in a deep-sea diving suit and talk him down. In the process of saving the day, Nathan discovers that Duke no longer has his Trouble and Duke discovers that he really can’t leave the town he loves to hate.

The question that remains is how the Driscoll family suddenly developed a Trouble. Turns out that Jack was attacked, just like Carrie, the newspaper delivery person Audrey helped recently.

With Vince’s help, Jennifer makes a startling discovery: She’s really from Haven and has deeper ties to the mysterious Agent Howard. Vince has narrowed the possibilities down to six local families. All Jennifer has to do is knock on the right person’s door to find out who she really is and how she’s connected to Haven.[/i]

Episode Summary from en.wikipedia.org:

Although the Driscoll family has never been Troubled, after a bender Jack and Aiden Driscoll are kidnapped by the thugs from the bar/barn and wake up to find they have been given a Trouble: when agitated they send out a pressure bubble as if they are deep under water. Whoever is inside the bubble is crushed to death. Jack learns that a diver’s breathing technique can help him regain control and stop the pressure. Aiden is not so lucky. Jack asks Duke to kill him to stop it, because Aiden has just learned he is going to be a father and Jack doesn’t want the child have the Trouble. Duke refuses, having lost his Trouble. Audrey and Nathan have to find another way to end the Trouble, as no-one can get near Aiden and in his distress the bubble is expanding and damaging more of the town. Meanwhile Jennifer, searching for her biological family, has started seeing a horseshoe crab with human eyes following her around. Audrey uses a deep sea diving suit to approach Aiden and tell him to use the same breathing technique his brother had used to regain control. At the Grey Gull Nathan is trying to convince Audrey that killing him would be best for Haven. However, on Duke’s boat Dave and Vince find out from Cabot’s Journal from the 1490s of a Mikmaq legend of a time of great evil and suffering that started when someone opened an otherwordly door. The time was marked—among other things—by horseshoe crabs with human eyes. They all go to the Grey Gull to tell Audrey and Nathan, when Duke asks if there is a solution to this great evil, but Vince can only give a riddle in Cabot’s Journal, “What was once your salvation is now your doom”. Duke thinks of Nathan’s desire for Audrey to kill him to end the Troubles, but then a gun shot rings out from Audrey’s room.

Please use this thread to discuss the series’ forty-seventh overall and fourth season eighth episode Crush. Rule: Please keep spoilers limited to those revealed during the series up to this episode only.

Lots of small movements in several long term story arcs/plots in this episode. I am enjoying the pace of the stories so far this season. We are not left hanging from week to week when the main story hasn’t moved at all.

So at this point my guess is that the barn-or something like it-was created back in 1497 in order to contain the troubles and that Audrey had been put in place to regulate the troubles from time to time in Haven. But now that the barn is gone the troubles are reverted back to their 1497 stance and that Jennifer, Audrey and William may be their only hope at either ending or regulating the troubles once again. This is based on the information divulged from Sebastian Cabot’s journal in this episode so we’ll see where the series really takes us.

I’m glad this episode addressed how selfish Audrey and Nathan were being. Everyone else has sacrificed so much, it was not right for them to pretend that what they did or didn’t do mattered. I’m pretty sure Nathan will make it through the gunshot. How, I have no idea but I can;t image Haven without Nathan Wournos.

I’m also glad this episode addressed how much Duke has done for Haven. And since this isn’t something that is ingrained in his personality this episode was necessary to bring his character forward into that mentality versus the pure selfish mentality that he has always been in.

Jennifer’s past is slowly unfolding. Her connection to the barn will hardly turn out to be an accident in my opinion. And the horseshoe crabs? If my Cosmos memory doesn’t fail me they were one of the first animals on the planet that still exist today. I’m guessing the troubles will turn out to date back to the very beginning of life on Earth. But why are they following Jennifer around?

Jennifer and Duke finally hook up. I guess I assumed that had already happened but I’m glad it finally did. Especially since the love triangles dissolved with Jordan’s death and Audrey hooking up with Nathan. I still think Jordan can be revived. Maybe even Wade too. But I’m not holding my breath on either.

Picking up troubles or having troubles expand is troublesome. It makes me never want to visit Haven. Ever. I’m guessing that those two guys that are giving out troubles are connected to the barn disappearing. But I can’t say why at this time. Hopefully Vince and Dave got that sketch from Carrie. We never see it in the episode but it will be a start in trying to track them down.

Duke killing off his own family trouble by killing Wade still seems like a fundamental flaw in the universe. There must be more to it or else there is no reason for Duke to be intricately involved anymore and he should be leaving Haven while he can.

Gloria continues to be brilliant - but no intern this episode. Now that it’s no longer a major issue for Audrey/Lexie to kill Nathan, Gloria’s detective work into Lexie really being Audrey is no longer relevant. So why is she really still hanging around? And the intern really should have been at the initial crime scene.

There wasn’t any Dwight in this episode. Where is he anyway? The whole town might implode and he is no where to be found.

Also, there wasn’t an Officer Rafferty in this episode either so no chance at noticing interactions between real-life married couple Nathan and Rafferty.