Haven Episode 4.07 Lay Me Down **** SPOILERS ****

Episode Summary from syfy.com:

[i]Drunk with the power that touching the blood of a Troubled person gives him, Wade Crocker has taken to stalking new prey: members of The Guard. He finds his latest victim, Sonia Winston, at a local bar and quickly stabs her to death.

Wade’s murders might have gone unnoticed for longer if not for a strange new trouble causing problems in Haven. It seems that people’s dreams are suddenly becoming real and if someone dies in their dream they die in real life too. As Nathan and Audrey begin their investigation, Audrey has a hard time keeping her police instincts in check, which increases the danger that someone might recognize her as Audrey, not Lexie. If that happens, the whole town will be clamoring for her to kill Nathan and end the Troubles for good.

After a meeting with Vince and Dave, Nathan and Audrey discover the source of the new Trouble, a newspaper delivery woman named Carrie. It turns out that Carrie’s family has always had Troubles related to dreaming but those problems are usually confined to family itself. Somehow, after she was mugged, Carrie’s Trouble increased to the point of affecting other people.

With Audrey’s help, Carrie agrees to go into a lucid dream and face her biggest fear: The two muggers who recently attacked her. It’s a tough task and Carrie gets hurt but she perseveres. With her fears defeated, Carrie can sleep soundly and so can the rest of Haven…for now. Because, ironically the two muggers in Carrie’s dream just so happen to be the same thugs from the bar where Lexie and William were. Have they mad they’re way to Haven?

Jennifer isn’t having any nightmares, per se, but she is stressed about getting a job. She applies to the Haven Herald where Vince and Dave trick her into doing a background check on …herself. Surprisingly, she uncovers something of interest. It turns out that Jennifer’s adoption was arranged by a man Vince and Dave knew as Agent Howard, the caretaker of mystical place known as The Barn.

Back on Duke’s boat, a broken knife arouses Duke’s suspicions about Wade and, after a bit of searching, Duke finds Wade’s underwater burial ground. Duke locks Wade up to save him from himself but the plan backfires when Wade gets loose and attacks Jennifer to touch her blood. Duke sees no choice but to kill Wade but, once Wade is dead Duke discovers that his Trouble has vanished. Maybe for good.[/i]

Episode Summary from en.wikipedia.org:

[i]Jennifer gets ready to go for a job interview at the Haven Herald and Duke, warmed by her attractiveness, wishes her luck. Wade looks for materials to clean his car (after killing Jordan) and he tells Duke that he is ready to leave Haven. Freddy is sleeping it off on a bench outside the Gull. Nathan locks him up at the station, but checking back later, finds him dead, covered in blood in his cell. When they examine the body and see what looks like bear claw marks, but the M.E. points out that the wounds, unlike those caused by animals, are clean and have no particulates in them. Nathan notices that his clothes weren’t even torn. Dwight hears that Jordan’s car was left at the marina, although she has left town. He sees Duke and tells him the news about Freddy. Duke remembers that Freddy liked to watch documentaries about grizzlies. Jennifer meets Vince and Dave and they get her to run a background check on herself. That night Duke has a dream that he is attacked by Wade, who cuts him and he feels the rush from Duke’s blood. Duke wakes up, cut, and leaves a message on Audrey’s phone, saying he knows what happened to Freddy. Wade is out and has picked up a girl. Checking the tattoo on her arm, he relieves her of her Trouble by stabbing her.

At the station a naked Nathan confronts Audrey, saying he’s late for a test, and is spanked by the teacher, Audrey. He is woken by Audrey who takes him to the morgue and explains Duke’s theory about dreams having impact on real life. The M.E. shows them three victims, two who died through dream related causes and the third is Sonya Winston, the girl killed by Wade. The M.E. shows a knife tip she extracted showing that the girl, unlike the others, was murdered. At the Gull Duke warns Wade not to sleep. He notices the knife Wade was cleaning has a broken point. Jennifer returns to the Herald with a pile of background, but explains she hasn’t been able to find her birth parents. They give her the job anyway. Audrey, comparing what Nathan and Duke tell her about what happened to them before their dreams, figures that the common denominator is the Haven Herald. Nathan calls Dwight who had read his copy and tells him to stay awake. Dwight however falls asleep and dreams he is investigating Jordan’s disappearance, which he connects to Wade. He then sees a gun floating toward him and is shot. Nathan’s call wakes him to find he is wounded. A doctor tells Audrey, Nathan and Duke that Dwight is ok. Duke sticks around when the others go off to continue their work. He goes through Dwight’s things and finds the Sonya Winston file in which he sees a photo of the knife tip. Duke checks out Wade’s rental of a local boat and follows the onboard GPS to his last destination, a bay in which he finds the bodies of Jordan and others, weighed down under the water. At the Herald Audrey and Nathan find that the paper was on the same route, delivered by Carrie Benson who is out making a new delivery. Carrie is aware of her Trouble, but doesn’t know that it has developed to affect people other than herself. With Audrey and Nathan she attempts to deal with her Trouble by confronting her fears in her dreams, as only one member of her family has done successfully. She tells of the fact that she has recently been mugged, robbed and threatened into silence, so she knows what she will face in her dream. Duke tells Wade he knows everything, but Wade threatens to tell the Guard that Lexie is really Audrey, so Duke knocks him out. Audrey tries to calm Carrie as she dreams of being trapped between two assailants in a dark forest. (Her muggers were the assailants who had attacked William in the bar/barn.) Vince and Dave show Jennifer that the man who arranged her adoption was Byron Howard, Audrey’s Agent Howard. Carrie is beaten but Audrey’s voice gives her courage, so she struggles to gain control, her assailants disappear and her dream ends. Jennifer returns to the Cape Rouge to let Wade out of a cabin he is locked in. He grabs her and takes some blood with a knife, but then craves more. Duke arrives and tells him to control the urge or he will kill him, but Wade, acknowledging the fact, rushes at him. Duke is forced to stab him and his blood tells him that Wade is dead.

At the hospital Carrie is ok, but Audrey notices a hand print on her back, which the others can’t see and that may reflect what had affected Carrie’s Trouble. She tells Nathan that the Troubles might be changing. On his boat Duke is preparing to dispose of Wade’s body and realizes that by killing Wade his Trouble is gone. Jennifer promises Duke that she won’t tell anyone. Audrey and Nathan are perplexed by the idea of the Troubles getting worse and they fight because they are in love, but have too much responsibility to deal with. They soon kiss and make up, but outside, overlooking the Gull, the two assailants are watching the place.[/i]

Please use this thread to discuss the series’ forty-sixth overall and fourth season seventh episode Lay Me Down. Rule: Please keep spoilers limited to those revealed during the series up to this episode only.

We certainly can’t say that things aren’t moving along in Haven this season after we finally retrieved Audrey/Lexie into Haven again. This episode is certainty is best of the season yet.

Wade definitely got what he deserved. Despite his wife leaving him for the home contractor he ended up being a dick and I’m glad to see him go. I’m just sorry that Duke was the one who had to do it. And Duke losing his power? That sucks. He’s defenseless in this new version of Haven without it.

Nathan and Audrey are riding a very fine line. As soon as Audrey is found out (what about the surveillance pens from last episode in Nathan and Audrey’s offices or the surveillance footage on Wade’s laptop) I’m sure the guard will take immediate action. I’m assuming Gloria is old-Guard, but either way I’m enjoying the new Medical Examiner. The show needs more of her involved in the story for her witty banter.

Kandyse McClure was used brilliantly. Plus I loved the fact that they didn’t kill her so she can be used again. But the hand print at the end that Audrey sees doesn’t make me feel comfortable about Carrie’s future.

Vince and Dave are kind of slow on the uptake to just be delving into Jennifer now. I’ve always assumed her connection to the Barn is important. There must be more to her than meets the eye. I mean did you see how Wade reacted to her blood? Maybe she is another one of Lucy/Sarah/Audrey/Lexie’s kids? Especially since there is no record of her birth parents and Agent Howard was the one that placed her with foster parents.

Nathan’s dream sequence was very…titillating. Thank you for putting that image of Emily Rose in my head SyFy. Thank you very much.

The episode didn’t depict Duke taking Wade’s victims out of the water. The leaves me wondering if the Mer-men have some sort of rejuvenation power and that Jordan really isn’t dead after all. But that might be asking for too much I guess.

And who the heck are the two men that were after Carrie and that were stalking Audrey and Nathan at the end? Whoever they are I’m guessing that they are NOT part of the Guard.