Haven Episode 4.06 Countdown **** SPOILERS ****

Episode Summary from syfy.com:

[i]When a Haven resident is found frozen in some kind of instant rigor mortis, Nathan gets the call. He tries to bring Lexie with him to help jog her memory but, since Duke just warned her to stay away from Nathan, she demurs by saying she has some paperwork to fill out at the police precinct. Instead, Duke offers to help Nathan out on the case.

At the crime scene, Duke and Nathan get the new medical examiner’s opinion and then call for backup from another police officer, Tater, who interrupts his current duty’s at Paul’s Repair Shop to rush over. Thinking that it was the deceased’s cell phone that caused the spontaneous death, Duke and Nathan caution Tater not to look at it but, moments later, he too freezes to death.

In the interim, Jordan has been seducing Wade, Nathan’s older brother, with the promise of a powerful destiny in Haven. She definitely has Wade’s attention, whether it’s because on his thirst for power or his physical attraction to her. She even convinces Wade to hide hidden cameras in the police station.

These cameras come in quite handy when Wade and Jordan overhear Lexie admitting that she really is Audrey. Based on this information, Jordan sees her opportunity to end the Troubles for good. Vince, however, knows exactly what Jordan is thinking and tries to stop her. Blind with rage and resentment, Jordan kidnaps Vince and holds him captive while she pursues her plan to “activate” Wade’s Trouble: Absorbing Troubled blood. She hopes that if Audrey doesn’t kill Nathan, then maybe Wade will kill Audrey. Meanwhile, Duke, Nathan and Audrey slowly deduce that it’s Paul the electronics guy who is inadvertently killing people by causing them to see an electronic countdown before they die.

Unfortunately, Nathan starts to see the countdown himself and the team literally races against time to find Paul and diffuse his Trouble. It turns out that the source of Paul’s angst is simple: He wants to ask a woman he likes out on a date. It takes a lot of coaxing and prodding but, finally, Paul takes the plunge and as soon as he does, Nathan’s countdown disappears.

Thankfully, Nathan will live but Jordan will not. Once Wade experiences the Trouble that Duke has become used to, he can’t give it up. He even kills Jordan in cold blood just to feel it again. Now the imminent danger in Haven seems to be the recently unleashed Wade Crocker.[/i]

Episode Summary from en.wikipedia.org:

[i]Seth walks out of a Haven shop looking frequently and confusedly at his cell phone. Stopping at a shop window with a programmable electric display, he keels over and turns to stone. Duke asks Audrey how long she can keep up the pretense of still being Lexie before the Guard finds out and kills Nathan. Duke goes with Nathan to investigate Seth’s death. Jordan tells Wade that he can end the Troubles and if he helps her she will show him his power. Witnesses explain to Nathan and Duke that the victim was staring at his phone like he was receiving text messages and Duke ironically asks if someone has a Trouble that works through text messages. Vince confronts Jordan about her scheme to kill Lexie and end the Troubles, but she stops him with her tazer touch. Officer Tatum is taking a statement regarding a theft at Paul’s Electronics when he is called away. Paul is upset about Tatum being called away and follow him protesting. Wade steps up to Paul’s till and puts cash down for two portable video recorders. Tatum comes to assist Nathan and takes Seth’s phone for analysis, but never leaves the crime scene for he too has turned to stone, while looking at the electronic screen on his bike. Wade turns up at the police station to get a fireworks permit. He leaves a pen in Nathan’s office. Nathan and Duke follow a lead that takes them to a school where the principal notices that his phone and all other electronic devices are counting down together. On zero the principal turns to stone. At the gym of Haven high, the coach has just indicated that the scoreboard is malfunctioning, counting down, so Nathan and Duke race over.

Jordan has Vince captive and he tells her that the Troubles had started before Lucy arrived, so she could not have caused them and tells her how to end his wife’s Trouble he got Simon Crocker to kill his father-in-law. The Troubles had made him a monster. Later, Wade shows Jordan the video feed from the pens he left including the one in Nathan’s office. Jordan now explains to him that Troubled blood triggers his power. Nathan’s video feed shows Paul complaining about his treatment when Nathan arrives with the coach. Audrey has hidden all the digital screens, but the coach still turns to stone. She then notices that the thermometer she’d picked up has been reset and Nathan can see it counting down. Audrey connects Paul to a number of the events arguing that when he was robbed the robber as he left told him to count to 1000, about fifteen minutes, the time the clocks count down. Paul is setting a count down that leaves people motionless, just he was forced to be motionless. Her rationale makes Nathan realize she is Audrey. With time running out they go to Paul’s electronics, but there they are confronted by Jordan, who, with gun in hand, tells Audrey to kill Nathan, before he turns to stone. Audrey refuses and they find Paul, knocked out. They revive him to find that he was robbed of a bracelet that he wanted to give to a love interest and things went wrong from there. They get him to call her to ask her out. With a lot of prodding he does so and, when she accepts, the clocks stop counting down for Nathan. Wade, who was part of Jordan’s original plan, comes in and stabs Paul to take his blood and activate his Trouble, then escapes. An ambulance is called for Paul. Jordan goes to release Vince feeling as if she, like Vince, had become a monster. Nathan tells Audrey that Paul will recover. By Haven cemetery Jordan starts to say goodbye to Wade, as she has decided to leave Haven. She tells him her plan to end the Troubles would not have worked. He thanks her for helping him experience his Trouble, then kills her.[/i]

Please use this thread to discuss the series’ forty-fifth overall and fourth season sixth episode Countdown. Rule: Please keep spoilers limited to those revealed during the series up to this episode only.

Things are certainly moving forward in Haven. I can’t say I’m too comfortable with them, though. I was enjoying the triple love-triangle plots. (Nathan-Audrey-Jordan) (Duke-Audrey-Nathan) (Wade-Jordan-Nathan) I just wish Jordan didn’t have to die to end them. And I was right about the Jordan-Nathan connection. That was the main reason she was trying to skip town after all.

A couple of things become more complex this week, though. Nathan finds out Lexie is Audrey and Nathan knows that Duke loves Audrey but Audrey tells Nathan she loves him. So this will be a little bit more sporty in future episodes.

Wade’s ignition of the Crocker Curse showcases the difference between Duke and Wade. Duke hates what he becomes and Wade is embracing the power. And with Wade killing Jordan I know that he will never have redemption.

I’m glad the episode began with Duke and Audrey discussing the Audrey-Lexie revelation. The explanations that followed were needed in order to make some sort of sense out of things.

Gloria as Medical Examiner was a much needed comic relief character to the show. Although with the simultaneous hiring of Vicki Dutton (a character from season 1) as the ME intern my guess is that Gloria will not last too long on the show. And also brings to the forefront exactly how Wicki and her trouble will fit in as Medical Examiner in Haven? Gloria keeps her away from the paperwork after all.

Officer Rebecca Rafferty continues to become more of a mainstream character. Now we know she has a son in Haven, Dylan. I did a little digging and it turns out in real life she is MARRIED to Lucas Bryant who plays Nathan Wuornos. This now makes any scenes/dialog between the two ever more interesting to watch. I will also say that Kirsty Hinchcliffe has done a great job of disguising her Australian accent.

So the bugged pens are still in Nathan and Audrey’s offices. I’m sure that will come up again. I wonder how long the batteries last?

The Haven lore is further explained this week. Vince admits to first activating, then killing Simon Crocker. But the only one he admits it to is Jordan, who is now dead.