Haven Episode 4.05 The New Girl **** SPOILERS ****

Episode Summary from syfy.com:

[i]Jordan wants Nathan to make good on his promise to die at Audrey’s hand but Lexie has no idea what’s going on and won’t play ball. Tempers flare until Lexie is forced to pull a gun to protect Nathan from being killed.

To buy time, Duke convinces Vince that Lexie needs to fall in love with Nathan all over again. Vince agrees and Lexie is partnered with Nathan. Meanwhile, there are still crimes in Haven that need solving. Most notably a case where a deranged man named Josh has been locked in the freezer at a local restaurant. When Nathan, Duke and Lexie investigate, the man kills himself. When Katie the woman Josh was eating with, kills herself too the team knows they have a Trouble on their hand.
As they chase down the clues it becomes clear that Tyler, Katie’s boyfriend has a trouble that allows him to possess other people and force them to kill themselves. Tyler was badly injured in a car accident and now he wants to find a new body to reside in. He can possess anyone who gives him something which is very bad news for Duke, who gave Tyler a coupon for free drinks at The Grey Gull.

Once possessed, Duke has some very memorable encounters with his brother Wade and his new “friend” Jennifer. When Wade gives him the advice that killing his old body may force his spirit to stay in a new body, Tyler heads back to the hospital to do the deed. On the way, he gets stabbed in the leg by Jennifer and Nathan makes the hard choice to send Lexie into the hospital by herself to capture Tyler.

In the basement of the hospital, Lexie makes a snap decision to let Tyler (as Duke) kill himself. It works out. Even though he is possessed, Duke’s Trouble kicks in and once Tyler is dead, his Trouble ends too. What Duke wants to know is how she knew to step out of the way. His theory is that Audrey is just pretending to be Lexie. He confronts Lexie and, even though she denies it at first she ultimately confesses. Audrey is back![/i]

Episode Summary from en.wikipedia.org:

[i]Duke, Jennifer, Vince and various members of the Guard hear Lexie tell Nathan she does not know him. This means that her killing him would not end the Troubles. The Guard decide to kill Nathan anyway, so Duke helps him escape, but he is caught and Vince gives the OK to kill him. Lexie with gun in hand stops them. Duke suggests to Vince that there is a way to proceed that could lead to the end of the Troubles and a delicate truce is negotiated.

Nathan and Lexie are taken to the scene of a Trouble-related event, where a young man called Josh has lost control and attacked his breakfast companion, Katie, and the diner employees locked him in the kitchen. Duke explains that if the Troubles would end if Audrey loves Nathan when she kills him, the same rules should apply if Lexie falls for Nathan. Nathan is not enthusiastic and, as they day progresses, Lexie seems to do things that turn Nathan off. They go to investigate Josh who slits his own throat, screaming “I trusted her.” Nathan, Duke and Lexie return to the police station and interview Katie. In fact, Nathan shows no interest and Duke asks all the questions. She tells them that Josh was the best friend of her boyfriend, Tyler. She explains that she was in a car accident with Tyler, who suddenly drove into a wall. She and Josh walked away unhurt. Nathan speculates that the same Trouble that hit Josh might have hit Tyler too, so they go to the hospital to talk to Tyler, who is bed-bound. Tyler says that right before the accident, Katie looked at him strangely and he couldn’t control himself. On the way out Duke writes him a quick voucher for drinks at the Grey Gull. Later Nathan considers that Katie might be the Troubled one that caused both boys to lose control. Officer Rafferty has taken Katie home, when suddenly Katie says, “it worked again,” then runs in front of a passing car, killing herself. Nathan realizes Katie is just another victim. Jennifer arrives with fresh clothes, Audrey’s clothes, for Lexie and tries to get involved in the hunt, but Duke, worried about the Trouble, discourages her and she feels rejected. Jordan arrives at the Gull for a little refreshment and discovers the barman is Duke’s brother, Wade.

At the station Lexie thinks that Katie may have started to get interested in Josh and speculates that Tyler could be the murderer. Returning to the hospital to talk to Tyler and found an orderly dead in his bed. The hospital security footage shows Tyler taking over the orderly’s body and takes Tyler’s body away, then the orderly returns to the bed and kills himself. Tyler’s charts show that he has had seizures with every possession and they are incapacitating him more each time. Duke calls Nathan to say he is being followed by a strange orderly, so Nathan and Lexie go looking for him. When they find him, his body is already taken over by Tyler who traps them in a cold storage room. Nathan figures that Tyler’s Trouble kicked in during the accident and he controls people when he possesses something from the person. At the Grey Gull, the Tyler-possessed Duke raids the till looking for cash and knocks Wade out. Jennifer arrives to tell Duke she’s decided to go back to Boston. With the idea of killing his old body to take over Duke’s permanently, Tyler enlists Jennifer’s help to swing by the hospital before they skip town together. Lexie picks the lock of the storage room and she and Nathan escape. At the hospital Jennifer realizes that Duke is possessed and to escape, stabs him in the leg with a pen. Tyler hobbles into the hospital as Nathan and Lexie arrive. Lexie, who is–like Audrey–immune to the Troubles, goes in and finds Tyler’s body in the basement. Tyler, still in Duke’s body, appears with an axe. Lexie looks at Duke’s drink voucher in Tyler’s hand, but Tyler says she’d be dead before she could get it out of his hand. What Tyler doesn’t know is that by Duke killing him his Trouble will end, so, when Tyler uses the axe, he loses possession of him and Duke regains control.

At the Gull, Duke apologizes to Wade who wants to know about Duke’s secret, but Duke declines to say. He also says that as Lexie is going to take Audrey’s old room, Jennifer could stay on his boat. Wade leaves the Gull and, outside, Jordan is waiting for him. Later Duke walks out onto the deck and finds Lexie looking up at Audrey’s apartment. He has figured out that Lexie knew that his Trouble would kick in at the hospital and save him, so she must really be Audrey. And she admits it.[/i]

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Audrey “playing” as Lexie? Well done! The first time through I was half asleep during the last scene in the hospital so I didn’t catch Duke’s realization until he confronted Audrey later, but I did think there was something odd about it. This definitely changes things, both with who Audrey needs to kill to make the troubles go away and his relationship with Jennifer. But Audrey’s interactions with Nathan in retrospect were soooo cruel. It’s absolutely a bad breakup gone even worse.

And what’s with Jennifer anyway? There’s definitely more to her than her connection with the barn.

Officer Rafferty is becoming a more prominent background character. She has potential.

And I’m still watching the Jordan-Nathan connection. I think there is still something there. Jordan’s insight into having Duke kill Audrey to stop the troubles is a great question. And Jordan focusing in on Duke’s brother? It has arc possibilities for sure.