Haven Episode 4.03 Bad Blood **** SPOILERS ****

Episode Summary from syfy.com:

[i]Down in the sewers underneath Haven a simple repair job goes horribly wrong when a maintenance worker is attacked and killed. Haven PD is sent out to investigate but what they find is unnerving: the body has been completely drained of blood. Soon, two more bloodless bodies show up: A mailman near a manhole cover and a woman in her shower. Jordan stops by to check on Nathan’s health and moments later she and Dwight see a pool of disembodied blood vanish into the sewer.

Dwight, Jordan and Nathan trace the source of the blood back to Mike Gallagher, a troubled member of The Guard who blames Nathan for the Troubles not going away. Mike cut himself and his blood has undertaken the task of fulfilling his subconscious desire to kill Nathan.

When all of them end up trapped inside the police station along with Duke and Jennifer, who has begun hearing Audrey’s voice again, Dwight and Jordan are able to hurt the blood but not stop it. It turns out that Duke’s “trouble” as a blood sponge is just what they need to survive. It hurts Duke but he is also able to suck up all the blood.

Meanwhile, Dwight sends Dave and Vince to New Hampshire to ID a body that looks like it might be Audrey. They go reluctantly, worried that if Audrey is dead it will spell ruin for Haven. Thankfully, the body is not Audrey and Dave and Vince can hold out hope that the town will be saved.

William makes a bit of headway with Lexie (i.e. Audrey) when he convinces her that all of the customers in her bar aren’t real. As soon as Audrey accepts that truth the customers disappear and the “bar” begins to deteriorate around them. Now, they both have to find a way out.

Maybe Jennifer will be able to help since she can hear William counseling Audrey to escape?[/i]

Please use this thread to discuss the series’ forty-second overall and fourth season third episode Bad Blood. Rule: Please keep spoilers limited to those revealed during the series up to this episode only.

My, my. How quickly Duke moves on. There might not be anything to it yet, but there is definitely building rapport between Jennifer and Duke. Also on that subject, why did Duke flinch away from Jennifer’s blood? If her had her power he could also hear what’s going on in the bar(n) as well with Audrey and William. Jennifer’s power seems to be a strange one. Perhaps she is Audrey’s sister? Maybe a barn emergency back-up?

Jordan tamed down a bit this episode. Perhaps it was the jointly view pool of moving blood with Dwight. She is still intently watching but her hatred of Nathan has turned into self despair instead. She really, really wants her trouble to end. Enough so that she considered suicide. For a second there I thought I saw something romantic between Nathan and Jordan at the police station. But that could just be because of their shared recent past.

What’s up with Duke’s consistent use of animal metaphors? Crockers aren’t supposed to like together like Rhinos. Australian Honey Badgers.

Dave and Vince had some interesting moments in this episode as well. They seemed to come to the resolution to take Nathan up on his plan and try to work together. But…I would never trust those two any farther than I could throw them. They certainly like Audrey. Vince moreso than Dave. Perhaps that’s who Audrey really loves and has to kill? In any event perhaps this whole episode was just so that town could stop hating Nathan so much. Or maybe draw even more attention to it?

Duke sure wants to kill Dwight too. Out of everyone in the room Dwight was the one that Duke chose to kill once he absorbed the troubled blood. Duke’s revelation later to Jennifer that absorbing powers is like a heroine rush was both chilling and endearing. Duke has the potential to be very dangerous with the power, but Duke also desperately wishes to not tear himself or his family apart because of it.

So William is definitely trying to save Audrey, but who exactly is he? Is he part of the barn? Is he part of a larger entity? I’m really enjoying Colin Ferguson’s performance. I hope he can stay around as long as possible. But let’s all work to get Audrey out of the bar(n) next episode, okay?

~Shooter Out