Happy Valentine's Day


Hi All,

We know about the day it’s a spirit day and best day for sharing our truly wishes to someone love. Hope your wish will be completed on next Valentine day.

Happy Valentine day to all!


Little early to the dance aren’t you??


A sales try?


Quite the desperate and poorly played one too…spamming a near-ghost town forum…so sad…


So Hockey Guy, see any good movies over the holidays?


Rogue One…it was as good as expected…looking forward to it again…aside of that not much else…the DC four show crossover felt like a three night movie though :slight_smile:

This was such a TERRIBLE year for movies…I swear…


Rogue One - I liked it. Totally taken by surprise by the ending. Everyone was killed off. Didn’t see that coming.

Arrival - I really enjoyed that. Saw it a couple of times. Just plain good scifi.

Passengers - A tiny bit corny, but I really liked it. Visually- wonderful.


Oh yeah…we saw Arrival too…it was VERY slow felt more like a “film” than a “movie”…I felt like I had just re-watched Contact but with an actual ending@!!!

I wasn’t too shocked that they all died in Rogue One…it made sense the way they executed the plot…but not very Disney of them…which was a good thing…wish they had some more Vader in it… Tarkin’s CGI was amazing!!! And now I’m snowed in and no clue what to do…hah


Removed spam signature/profile and banned user, but since y’all are talking I’ll leave the original post/thread.

So, uh, I guess… Happy Valentine’s Day, apparently! :smiley:



The irony in this is that I totally do not believe in Valentine’s Day at ALL…the idea of assigning a day to be thoughtful and romantic is by nature NOT romantic, so I call it “Forced Romance Day” and my GF loved it when I told her “I can either be nice and thoughtful to you all year round…or on this one day that the card companies and chocolate makers deem important…pick one” …nearly four years later I think she might change her answer if I asked again…hah!


Hear, hear !!
Totally agree. :slight_smile: