Happy Birthday Scott the Hockey Guy, the poster formerly known as Smck40(?)!

Happy Birthday Scott the Hockey Guy, one of the great new GWCers from the past year!


Ah, perfect clip :slight_smile:
Bad language, hockey, Kevin Smith and Jersey 'tude…total win!!!

(though I’d have tossed the guy off the building for that shooting the ball off the roof thing)

Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Scott
Hope it’s been a fun day.

Thanks guys! Being a Thursday it’s the calm before the storm…this weekend…yeah I might even feel over 40 by Monday :smiley:

Happy Birthday dude!

Happy birthday Scott THG! (2013)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (In my best Frosty The Snowman voice)

Thanks guys!!! Been a different few months for me…I got hurt on an illegal pick in a floor hockey game about ten weeks ago…doctor drained the knee and things felt good and I kept playing through it as I was waiting for the MRI…fast forward five weeks later…the MRI tells me I have a tear in my ACL and both meniscuses…and I need surgery…get the surgery the day before Thanksgiving, and stayed home to recover (which the family didn’t like too much…since I was given no leftovers, which is either a first in Italian Family Holiday Dinner making…or a subtle message to me)…by that weekend I was walking unassisted and back to exercising…the week after (10 days post-surgery) not only did I skate again but had two goals and two assists in the scrimmage (that was emotional I will say)…and tomorrow I’m back on the floor hockey rink too…I think getting back to normal has been the best gift I could possibly have…aside of my amazing GF (who will probably never see this), but deserves just as much credit as I can give out for being through every step of this (literally) and more…I can’t wait to see what she has in mind for me tonight :smiley:

Happy Birthday! A working knee sounds like the best present you could get! Have a great week.


That and the good fortune of having an epic girlfriend who gets it and has stopped telling me to “be careful and be slow out there” and knows that i know my own limits and is pushing me with both arms through rehab :slight_smile:

Happy birthday dude!
Stay awesome!
Beam me up!


Cheers :slight_smile:

If I had control of the transporters…oh I’d get a lock on Jason Garrett and put him on an asteroid somewhere…eerrr… maybe its good I DON’T have this power…got a nice gift from my fantasy football money league…a trip to the finals…and a win next recoups all my medical bills…woooooo :slight_smile:

I was having a helluva a weekend until the last 2:00 of the Cowboys game…oi…I kept looking at my fantasy football score to ease my pain :slight_smile:

Happy birthday, Scott the Hockey Guy! (2014)

Thanks!!! Almost got the coolest gift last night in a shutout, but I came up three minutes short grumble…least it was a good doubleheader, and I think my GF got me a Go Pro which I’m very excited about confirming tonight :smiley:

Happy, Happy Birthday, Scott the Hockey Guy !!

Hope you had a fun day.

Thanks guys!!! Apparently my big b-day hadn’t arrived yet…oi now I am left to wait and wonder…last night was pretty nice consider how worn out I was after a Friday Night goalie clinic in my doubleheader! Plus we got all caught up on Flash and Arrow and all the goodness!