Happy Birthday Nightwing!!

[b]Happy Birthday Nightwing!!

Now go out and party it up with your gal![/b]

Happy Brithday John D!

Happy birthday, sir!

Happy Birthday!

Have a monster sized party!

Happy Birthday Nightwing!

Happy Birthday D!!!


[/b]Say “Oooodra”. Go ahead, you know you want to… :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday bro, hope you have a most excellent time!!

Happy Birthday buddy! Have a great B dau!

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes.
Seeing them brought warm feeling to my heart.

This is for TopGun : Ooodra!!! :wink:

Happy Birthday Nightwing!

happy late bday nightwing

Happy belated Bitrhday!

Happy Belated Birthday Nightwing
Hope it was a fun day.

Sorry I missed your B-day, Nightwing. Hope you had a good one.

Yes I did. Lol. And now I’m in Texas so today is a good day too :wink:

[b]Happy Birthday John-D! I googled for a “Nightwing cake” this is the first one in the results…LOL Sci-Fi Pron!


Joyeux anniversaire!


Bon anniversaire, Nightwing!

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[LEFT]Bonne fête, Wing! (Of course, we know that after a few celebratory “sodas”, the source of your TRUE fandom will emerge…)