Happy birthday Juan!

Everyone join me in wishing our resident Man of a Thousand Names and Talents a very happy birthday!


Happy BERFday!

I’m not sure I can compete with that incredibly awesome Trek b-day card, but please accept my well-wishes, too. Happy b-day, man!

Happy Birthday David!

Happy birthday!!!

Happy Birthday David!!!
Your songs are so nice, I imported them twice.
You hold a special place in my heart (playlist) between Davey Crockett and Dashboard Confessional.:wink:

Wow, I never realized how much time Janeway spent drinking. Maybe if she’d laid off the bottle, they’d have gotten home sooner.

Happy Birthday, David! There are balloons in the OG bathroom, and cake in the Secret David Lair.

Haooy Bday man

O Juan Drew!
Our songsmithing friend!
Birthday wishes from all of us to send.
With glowing spines we wish thee well,
A True Geek strong and free!
From far and wide, O Juan Drew,
We celebrate with thee.
So say we all, GWC!
O Juan Drew, happy birthday to thee.
O Juan Drew, happy birthday to thee!

Having a really crappy day at work, so I gotta keep this short, but this thread is making me smile and laugh! Thanks everyone!

Good to hear that we made you smile.

Please post the names, phone numbers and email addresses of anyone at work who is making your day crappy.
We will spam and crank call them into submission for ya. :smiley:

Happy Birthday!!!

juandrew, may you not have to be laundrew any time soon! :slight_smile:
Happy Birthday!

Keep on smiling! I’m sure the work will be over with soon enough so the partying can begin! :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday KMehthas, juandrew !!

Happy birthday, David. May there always be a song in your heart…and may it be in Huttese (or Klingon. Or about the man from Canton). Many happy returns!

David- Have a great birthday evening (since the work day was craaap). You are a wonderful person I’m glad to call friend. :wink:

Happy Birthday, Juan!! they say a beloved child has many names. never more true than with you!

Happy Birthday!!!

Hope it was a good one (since I almost missed it - good thing you are 3 hours behind me :smiley: )