Happy Birthday Fenatic!

Hope it’s shiny!

Happy Birthday, Dude!!

Happy Birthday!!! :slight_smile:

D’oh! Late to my own birthday thread!

Where do I get a Serenity cake? It combines two of my favorite things…

Hey Fenatic Happy Belated Birthday !
Been away from the forum a few weeks.
Hope you had a fun day.

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday!

Thanks everybody! Is that a Master Chief cake?

Yup, a pic of a Halo Master Chief cake I found awhile back. :smiley:

many happy returns!! (or at least non-troublesome ones where they just give you your money back and don’t make you show your ID, give your phone # and write a three-page essay explaining why you don’t want the thing :smiley: )


Harry Birthday, Fenatic!![/b]

Happy Birthday!

Thanks for the birthday wishes. In keeping with the tradition of my life mirroring GWC, guess what I got for presents? Multiple Best Buy gift cards! And I, like Sean am a big fan of them.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! (2012)

Thanks. Just like last year I got more best buy gift cards, lol.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!


Lol, thank you. It is my goal to be hiding under her bed one day, IYKWIM.