Happy Birthday, Casilda!

Everyone, wish a happy birthday (10/22) to our very own queen padme of GWC!

May death come quickly to her enemies.

Hope you have a great day. Happy Birthday!!

Hey, from one October baby to another, Happy Birthday Casilda!

have an awesome day!

Happy Birthday to Casilda, who when the needs arise, seems to post my own thoughts on almost all issues moral and political.
…And all with the grace and respect befitting the friendliest forum in SciFi.

I’m so glad you’re here.
Thanks for keeping it real.
Have a special day!

happy Birthday!

Happy B-day 2 U. Enjoy! Is it Scorpio season yet?

Happy Birthday!!

Weeee!..Wii! Oui!!!

Happy Birthday Casilda!

You should get yourself something nice like these:

You’ll be stylin’ listening to the podcast.

Woohoo! Here is to you Casilda! :smiley:

Happy Birthday! Party time!

Happy Birthday Casilda!!!

Happy Birthday from the Old World!


Holy (sorry Barb), it’s your birthday? Happy birthday, Casilda. I hope it’s a good one!

Happy Birthday to GWC’s sweetest-voiced caller! Hope you’re having a great day celebrating with your newly reunited husband!

Also, props to The Lonely Toaster for that celebratory centaurion graphic.

Awww thanks guys :slight_smile: And now my answer to the how old are you question is actually correct :stuck_out_tongue:

And I’d also like to report that my Wii is in perfect, functioning condition. And I am very, very happy about that. It has proved to me that I did, in fact, learn the rules to all those sports when I was in high school!! :smiley:

YAY happy Birthday and Happy Wii