Happy Birthday bkitty!

that’s right, the lovely and talented bkitty celebrates her debut into the world today. hope it’s a great one, sweetie!!

Happy birthday, (sorry) Barb!

Happy Birthday bkitty !!!

Happy Sorry Barbing Birthday. I hope you have a great-Sorry Barb day.

And on this momentous occasion, it’s important for everyone to remember:

bKitty is the official non-censor of GWC.


Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

I would like to be first to say happy birthday bkitty. Go party and enjoy your day.

Have a wonderful day. Have some fun. Party well and safely.

This is also my 28 wedding anniversary. What a busy day.

As I already said before on the other eight threads:

Happy Birthday!

My error I asked Solia to pull this one down. I did not notice the other thread till it was to late.

happy birthday to bkitty :slight_smile: keeping us all in line, and making people more creative in their language use. huzzah!

and congrats leah on the anniversary, that’s awesome!

Happy Birthday bkitty!

Happy bday to bkitty!

Then again I guess every day is a bday to her…

Note that’s B-Day, as in birthday, not bidet…

Otanjōbi omedetō gozaimasu!!!:smiley:

Happy birthday, Barb! May your day be as cheerful as your avatar! :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL :smiley:

now we all know thats bull-Sorry Barb :smiley:

Happy birthday, Barb! May all your birthday wishes come true!

happy birthday, bkitty!

It’s a pity
that I ain’t witty
but I ain’t Fitty
He’d sing a ditty
that’d be too gritty
…filled with a bunch of (sorryBarb)s

Thanks so much to everybuddy!

Big kisses a la Leah’s smileys (I have no idea where you guys get that stuff!)

And a very Happy Anniversary to her as well!

Thanks, Lady D for makin’ a homegirl feel all speschul n’ stuff! hugs!

Wow, Topgun, that’s almost actual size on my screen! Startling! lol!

LOL! b’day=birthday! Thanks for clearing that up, Phil!

Chuck has spoken! ha-HA! Last laugh!

This day is much more special than ever, thanks to all of you!

I love reading your posts, mulling the different opinions, deep or shallow- IYKWIM! Danke schoen!

Here’s to the longevity of this wonderful community! Huzzahs all around- Casilda, have a beer on me!

Boxey- when you’re legal!

And FT- I am so glad I put my drink down before I got this far! I’m kilt!

Thank you for my Starbuck shout-out, Solai!

Arigato gozaimashita, Uchiha! Kampai!

Armando, RMHPH, Apollymy- already done!

Happy Birthday bkitty! As a relatively new forum member (but having listened to the podcast for much longer) it feels like I’m wishing happy birthday to a celebrity.

Hope everything went well!