Happy Birthday Andiminga!


:smiley: Happy Birthday, Andi! I hope your day is SHINY!! :smiley:


Happy birthday. Traffic’s been pretty slow around the Watercooler – it’s good to have some new blood!


WOW, that cake looks delicious and the design is unimaginable. Who wants to have a piece of it?

Can see that since BSG ended its run. Thank you for your congrats.


And as a great coincidence, I’ve finished my Firefly experience yesterday with Serenity (Movie).


Happy birthday, Andi!

Sorry I’m late!


awesome way to spend your birthday! and to think just a couple of weeks ago, you were a Firefly virgin :slight_smile:


Ahhh, thank you nonetheless!:slight_smile:

Less than 2 weeks it took me for the hole franchise. Longer than our GWC member who watched it in a single run.:smiley:

And because of it, I neglected my duties to write my paper…damn, have to pull myself together and complete it without thinking about Firefly.

It must have been bad to wait for every new episode a week when it originally aired.


Belated Happy Birthday Andiminga! Now I’ve missed 3 important things being offline so long. Your Birthday and the Firefly Frak on Sunday. :frowning:

Awesome cake…is it too late to snag a slice? :smiley:


Thank you.

Wait…I’ll look into the refrigerator and see if there is a piece left of it.:slight_smile:


Happy Birthday Andi! Hope you have a great day!


Yay! Happy Birthday, soccer buddy! :slight_smile:


Ahhh, True Blood!! Thanks for the birthday wishes!! :slight_smile:

Thank you…and yeah, I watched two FC Bayern woman football games at a stadium. :slight_smile:


Happy birthday, Andi! Stay LOST!


I forgot to bake you a cake, Andi, but I hope you’ve had an awesome day. Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday, Andiminga!!



Happy Birthday Andiminga! You’ll have to tell us all about it next time we skype. :smiley:

Best wishes and hope you had a wonderful day.


Thanks Emily. But isn’t it bad to stay LOST?? :wink:

No hard feelings that you forgot to bake. Thanks Armando!

Thanks…your pic makes me think back to the bunnies I had.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Thanks Doug! Yeah, I had a busy day and due to waking up early had to miss yesterdays Skype call.


Sorry I’m late- had to gather these up!


You are forgiven for your lateness. Thanks! :slight_smile: