Gym/Exercise During Trip

A couple of people asked me if there’s a place they can exercise while visiting for the meetup. As promised in emails/PMs, here’s the information:

I’m a member of a 24 Hour Fitness Sport location nearby my house (which is a five-to-then minute drive from the hotel). I’ll be hitting the gym Friday morning, so you’re welcome to join me. In fact, if you’re at the hotel, I might be able to come and get you. Otherwise, you’re welcome to the gym the rest of the weekend, too.

They offer free 7-day passes, which would serve you for the whole time you’re here. If you’ll PM me with an email (that you don’t mind me giving to 24 Hour Fitness), I can put in the request and they’ll send you the info.

Some information about the gym:
And here’s a link to the specific place where I work out:

Little Elm Crossing - Sport
Anyway, the short version: If you want to work out with me Friday morning you’re welcome. (I’m usually there are 2.5 hours.) And you’re welcome to go on your own, provided you have a pass. If you want a pass, PM me with the email you’d like me to give them, and you’ll get one.

The Aloft also says they have a gym for those staying at the hotel. I think Badger was talking about leading a Thur. night yoga session. :stuck_out_tongue:

Exercising on vaction…something wrong with all ya’ll

agreed :slight_smile: but i would sit in on the badger yoga :slight_smile:

concur with both…though I will be working out my liver a bit… :smiley:

Arm curls…in the bar! I’m for that kinda exercise on vacation.

Badger teaching yoga? I didn’t know he was Irish!