GWC Origins stories


Heheh, I was just listening to the Nerdist show’s “Live in Portland” gig when they were sharing about hecklers and joked that that was how Chris met Matt - Origin stories!

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a full length backstory arc about how the GWC crew met (yes, we’ve all heard bits & pieces before) with a full BSG-style dramatic treatment (i’m thinking of all the things that could go wrong and did go wrong in producing the shows); about how the crew got together finally.

Or maybe, the degrees of separation of Sean.

Or how Juan got to be so cool.

Or how JanitorBob ended up in Pigs Knuckle and how he came to have minions!

Or how the bands that play the intro/outro themes came to be; or even about Audra’s “Ripley” song.

The possibilities are endless.


I second this motion. Origins are so in vouge we might as well have one. Maybe we could make it a movie.


… Or, webisodes on YouTube!


GWC Origins: Sean
has a great right to it.