GWC LIVE! (chatroom transcript)

Thanks to Thot for keeping his wits about him during the online chat enough to make manual copy and pastes of dialogue to be preserved here, in part, forever.

For your reading pleasure. If it skips a little it is because he may have missed some. Like I said, totally manual process which is why it is doubly awesome that he did it. It starts about 50 minutes into the cast.

All together: Thank you Thot.


Parts of the Live 2010 Meetup Online Chat

9:56 badgerspoon: She turned me into a newt!
9:56 gwensdad2003: @thot I’ve met her, I saw no proof of witchcraft
9:56 splattersongwc: I’ll add $%.
9:56 SolaiGWC: From Reg:
9:56 Leahwolf: But Rachel is a nice one.
9:57 Thotfullguy: @gwensdad. (sigh) did you even DO the witch test?
9:57 gwensdad2003: now Aset, that I’m not so sure about
9:57 Woodpile90: that was the wife who tweeted that pic
9:57 gwensdad2003: There were no ducks around to do a proper Witch test.
9:57 badgerspoon: @gwensdad Did you try to build a bridge out of her?
9:58 Thotfullguy: Googling for duck ponds in the Dallas area
9:58 SolaiGWC: @Gwensdad: I have some churches you could use
9:58 gwensdad2003: I couldn’t, there was enough wood around that she could prove that you could build one of wood
9:58 gwensdad2003: and stone
9:58 badgerspoon: Who’s that in the front, with the red and white shirt?
9:58 Thotfullguy: I like the word wood. It has a nice woody sound.
9:58 Woodpile90: still not as good as porny
9:58 RobinInSeoul: GAHHHHHHHHHH!
9:59 badgerspoon: Perhaps you should have thrown her in lake.
9:59 SolaiGWC: From Rae: SQUEAKER!:
9:59 ChurchHTucker: [spoiler alert!]
9:59 frakkintalos-1: Book. Dies?
9:59 RobinInSeoul: you never really die in the Whedon 'Verse!
9:59 Thotfullguy: Does…Does Barney Miller know that Book is dead?
9:59 badgerspoon: Aww, Squeaker’s so cute!
10:00 RobinInSeoul: Squeaker = cute!
10:00 splattersongwc: What a cutie!
10:00 SolaiGWC: Studied Film…or Literature…whatever?
10:00 frakkintalos-1: Barney Miller theme song playing in my head
10:00 RobinInSeoul: what???
10:00 frakkintalos-1: Sqeaker!!
10:00 badgerspoon: Abe Vigoda’s still alive, BTW.
10:00 RobinInSeoul: thank you!
10:00 Thotfullguy: Crap. I gotta leave for a bit and convice three 10 year olds to go to bed
10:01 splattersongwc: I wasn’t following Rae on Twitter! Issue resolved.
10:01 RobinInSeoul: yes, I agree
10:01 badgerspoon: @thot Isn’t that what wine coolers are for?
10:01 SolaiGWC: @Thot: just walk in there without your pants. They will shut right up.
10:01 SolaiGWC: BEEEP
10:02 SolaiGWC: <censored> list beeped. BEEEEEP
10:02 frakkintalos-1: @Thot Ask Shatner to sing in his boxers if they don’t go to sleep
10:02 Starsaber: Like D<censored> V<censored> a few months ago?
10:02 casildagwc: wow talos that wasn’t an image i needed in my head
10:02 frakkintalos-1: I’m really excited now
10:02 SolaiGWC: @Thot: Show them your snowblower. IYWKIM.
10:03 RobinInSeoul: It was the best day ever!
10:03 SolaiGWC: From Waviy:
10:03 frakkintalos-1: @casildagwc Alright. Thot, no boxers.
10:03 Thotfullguy: OMGs. That was weird. I said go to bed and they went right to bed!!
10:03 Starsaber: Well, Casey and Chuck used “shiny” in season 1
10:04 Thotfullguy: I did say they could chit chat in bed for 20 min–as girls will do
10:04 badgerspoon: @thot Don’t go far. They’re planning something.
10:04 frakkintalos-1: Sean - Bringing the Stupid and Asinine since 2006
10:05 Thotfullguy: @badger Good tip. But your my nemesis, maybe you’re in on it!!
10:05 splattersongwc: @Talos And he farts confusion!
10:05 SolaiGWC: Mass Effect strip show?
10:05 Thotfullguy: @talos LOL snort
10:05 SolaiGWC: Lean forward
10:05 SolaiGWC: Lean back
10:05 badgerspoon: Seven movements? Sounds messy.
10:05 splattersongwc: @Solai You need to play Mass Effect - all the clubs have dancers.
10:05 SolaiGWC: @badger Seven movements? Amateurs.
10:06 SolaiGWC: @Splatterson played both!
10:06 ChurchHTucker: OK, gotta run. 'Night all.
10:06 SolaiGWC: Cya Pike
10:06 frakkintalos-1: Nite Pike!!
10:06 gwensdad2003: goodnight
10:06 badgerspoon: @thot Good point. Ignore what they’re doing from now until about 2 AM, OK?
10:06 Thotfullguy: Nite Pike
10:06 SolaiGWC: Audra only has four channels!
10:06 Starsaber: John Billingsly? “How can you be a scientist and not worship at the altar of Rodenberry?”
10:06 splattersongwc: @Solai I thot you had but I was just checking. :slight_smile:
10:07 SolaiGWC: Beaver storage?
10:07 SolaiGWC: I am so there.
10:07 frakkintalos-1: gets in line
10:07 gwensdad2003: Beaver Storage? Wasn
10:07 splattersongwc: @Solai You needed to be on Twitter this AM.
10:07 Thotfullguy: @badger sometimes the “ger” part of your name is silient
10:07 gwensdad2003: Wasn’t that across the street from where we ate Thursday?
10:08 badgerspoon: Beaver storage? Is that all they store there? eek
10:08 gwensdad2003: @badger Boobies are stored elsewhere
10:08 SolaiGWC: @Juan you are up to 20 bucks for yelling out, “Take off your pants, viva la revolution!”
10:08 frakkintalos-1: @Juan I bid 200 Quatloos!!
10:08 Thotfullguy: I am not wearing pants (as far as you know)
10:08 splattersongwc: I had 5$, not $%. Fat finger have I.
10:09 badgerspoon: 300 quatloos!
10:09 frakkintalos-1: Hmmm…new game. Porn Chinese Restaurants
10:09 casildagwc: @thot i’m not wearing pants, and you guys all know i always tell the truth
10:09 SolaiGWC: @talos General Tso’s Sausage
10:09 badgerspoon: @thot “Bad-spoon”?
10:09 casildagwc: @talos ooh good competition hehe

10:33 badgerspoon: LOL :smiley:
10:33 frakkintalos-1: Love that!
10:33 MoonPearl: :smiley:
10:33 GWCLive: Ossim!
10:34 FrenchToastGWC: night all - have fun - WE LOVE YOU
10:34 SolaiGWC: YAHOO!
10:34 MoonPearl: Big Damn Heroes
10:34 GWCLive: Aight, cya all!
10:34 SolaiGWC: Well done Techdrew!
10:34 splattersongwc: Night everybody!!
10:34 MoonPearl: bye
10:34 SolaiGWC: <waves>
10:34 RobinInSeoul: Have a great time everyone!
10:34 gwensdad2003: night
10:34 casildagwc: Love you guys! have a great time!
10:34 frakkintalos-1: Bye frakkers!!!
10:34 SolaiGWC: Leave the audio on, forever!
10:34 SolaiGWC: Bring us to the bar!
10:34 frakkintalos-1: Someone carry the mic
10:34 RobinInSeoul: Have a drink for me!!!
10:34 Woodpile90: Tell Regina to behave!
10:35 FrenchToastGWC: Little Spock waves to everyone
10:35 RobinInSeoul: yeah, bring us to the bar!
10:35 badgerspoon: And get a long extension cord!
10:35 SolaiGWC: awwww
10:35 frakkintalos-1: UGH!

Part Deux:

10:35 SolaiGWC: :frowning:
10:35 MoonPearl: :’(
10:35 RobinInSeoul: awww, darn. :frowning:
10:35 FrenchToastGWC: sad
10:35 MoonPearl: love u
10:35 frakkintalos-1: Hmmmm, what to do What to do
10:35 GWCLive: solai, can you try savingn a copy of the chat please?
10:35 MoonPearl: bye
10:35 splattersongwc: Bye guys - catch you on the “tweet” side.
10:35 SolaiGWC: @Juan can try.
10:35 RobinInSeoul: oh, well, I guess this means I have to start my day.
10:35 badgerspoon: Caprica’s replaying at 11. Frak party?
10:35 RobinInSeoul: later my people!
10:36 casildagwc: take care everyone!!
10:36 frakkintalos-1: 11pm Caprica. I’m there
10:36 frakkintalos-1: NIte Cas
10:36 frakkintalos-1: Nite Robin
10:36 badgerspoon: @talos Why are you “frakkintalos-1”? Are there others?
10:36 frakkintalos-1: There are many copies
10:36 FrenchToastGWC: lolz
10:37 Woodpile90: got to put chillens to bed. enjoyed it. bye bye now
10:37 SolaiGWC: Hmmm…no capture chat option.
10:37 frakkintalos-1: Nite Woody
10:37 badgerspoon: @solai that’s my only issue with doing frak parties like this. :frowning:
10:38 SolaiGWC: @badger I hear you.
10:39 SolaiGWC: From Rach: Sean and Squeeker:
10:39 FrenchToastGWC: great photo!
10:40 SolaiGWC: @badger although, in all honesty, how often do people go back and read through the parties? It is mostly a enjoy the moment type of deal, yes?
10:41 frakkintalos-1: I read them.
10:42 FrenchToastGWC: so, there’s a caprica frak?
10:42 FrenchToastGWC: i haven’t frakked in sooooo long… IYKWIM
10:42 frakkintalos-1: We could post in the Frak Party discussion thead. If people would want to utilize ustream for frak parties
10:43 ATGreat: I have to be up VERY early tomorrow. Night all. B5 Frak tomorrow?
10:43 badgerspoon: I read them too. And I’ve seen some that are months old pop up again when someone stumbles across the show or movie.
10:44 FrenchToastGWC: g’nite @ATGreat
10:44 frakkintalos-1: Nite Alex. No B5, I think we’ll frak something else. Haven’t chosen what yet
10:44 badgerspoon: How about Firefly?
10:44 frakkintalos-1: Ah. That works
10:44 frakkintalos-1: The movie? or episode…
10:45 frakkintalos-1: Let’s watch the two definitve Solai episodes Objects in Space and Jaynestown
10:45 badgerspoon: Let’s do the episodes that are on topic this week.
10:46 badgerspoon: Or those. :stuck_out_tongue:
10:46 frakkintalos-1: giggle
10:46 ATGreat: How bout Jaynestown and Our Mrs. Renolds?
10:46 frakkintalos-1: Oh wait…It’s Our Mrs. Reynolds, right?
10:47 ATGreat: I think Our Mrs. Renolds and Jaynestown ar the nex two on the list…
10:47 ATGreat: And please forgive my typing…
10:47 frakkintalos-1: Well, I would still like to watch Our Mrs. Reynolds and Objects in Space to compare the differences
10:48 ATGreat: A comparison of OMR and OiS may be interesting too.
10:49 ATGreat: I’m flexible, either combo is fine with me.
10:49 frakkintalos-1: Christina Hendricks FTW
10:49 badgerspoon: Whatever y’all decide is fine with me.
10:50 FrenchToastGWC: glergh - is there a frak tonight?
10:50 ATGreat: Or a Christina Hendricks arc, OMR and Trash…
10:50 frakkintalos-1: Alrighty! OMR and OiS, The Solai showdown
10:50 badgerspoon: @frenchie Yes.
10:52 FrenchToastGWC: yay!
10:52 badgerspoon: Two episodes enter, one episode leaves!
10:52 badgerspoon: There can be only one!
10:52 badgerspoon: One shall stand. One shall fall!
10:52 badgerspoon: um… heads or tails?
10:53 frakkintalos-1: blue pill or red pill
10:53 frakkintalos-1: black rock or white rock
10:53 FrenchToastGWC: dingo or dango
10:54 Thotfullguy: Who’s been talkin’ Trash? (see what I did there?)
10:54 frakkintalos-1: Mandigo
10:55 frakkintalos-1: Off to Caprica frak…@Thot you joining us?

Seems to be missing the first hour or so. Nevertheless, well done Thot! Someone was thoting.

My pleasure.
The chat was so much better than Talkshoe in terms of stability and not freezing up. But with Talkshoe you could just “Select All” and capture the whole thing.

With this (UStream was it called?) you could kinda only select and paste the recent block of chat as it was going by.

LOL, there was fun bit I missed where Talos and I got into a virtual Shat Kirk fight. *** judo chop ***, *** dive roll ****, *** shirt rip *** :smiley:

…and my favorite, flying scissor-kick

Oh right! Talkshoe! That’s why I couldn’t find my ‘Pike’ username.

So hard to keep track of this stuff sometimes.