GWC Book Club Selection November/December 2013

Time to vote for the last GWC group-read of 2013! What shall we read next?

Per past practice, please recall that:
[li]You may vote for as many of the options listed as you would like. In fact, it is encouraged.
[/li][li]Don’t be shy, share your opinion of the books! Lobby for your favorites, and feel free to read through the threads already dedicated to these books (and add to them, if you feel so moved). Friendly and fun is our motto! And if you’ve come across something else you’d like to read, don’t forget to nominate it for a later book club selection.
[/li][li]Your votes will be public.
[/li][li]Voting will close October 31, and the Book Club Discussion thread will be posted November 1.

I’d also encourage any and all of you to make nominations for books you think would be a good fit for our group-reads - just make a thread in this forum!

Friends, I am the only person who voted, which just isn’t as much fun! Therefore, we’ll try a re-boot of the poll and selection after the website reboot :slight_smile: Stay tuned!..

Sorry Cas! I’ve been reading the forums primarily on my phone lately and the polls don’t work on Tapatalk. :frowning:

Hi all,

has John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War series been covered? I love his sense of humor.

Yep. September 2009. First book in the series. The whole series is wonderful.’s-War-quot

Cas, bummer.

I’m still catching up. I’m up to Oct 2008’s pick. Snow Crash.

Me reads slow.

How about the Rho Agenda series?

No worries! I’m a bit embarrassed by how long it took me to get through Off Armageddon Reef:wink:

CM, I’m not familiar with the series - go ahead and make a nomination thread! We’ll re-vote etc. once the podcast gets going again too :smiley: