Guardians of the Galaxy

Hey fellow GWC’ers!

Had a look in the forums, didn’t see the topic so had to ask, what did you think about the GOTG first full trailer?

I have watched it a few times, I think they did a good job and can’t wait to see this in August!

Hopefully they dispense with a lot of back story, and weave a good tail with the time alloted.

I loled at the trailer…

Pretty entertaining. Sort of reminds me of Farscape.

I have been seeing that comparison (to Farscape) elsewhere, though honestly I don’t see it. Someone else pointed out that GOTG has been out long before Farscape, but the “reboot” of Star Lord from skin tight costume wearing “galactic super hero” to his WWI Trench coat / Ultra high tech Mask look happened pretty recently (after Farscape I think), so which came first technically???

For me it wasn’t the costumes as much as them setting it up as a band of criminals (with one displaced human from Earth) on the run from the authorities. The sort of oddball humor was part of it too.

I just read the first few comics of the new Guardians of the Galaxy on Marvel Unlimited a couple days ago, so I see there are a few differences.

I see where you are coming from now.

I just don’t know what to think about this movie yet. I read the original comics as a kid so these characters and storyline confuse me a bit

You really have to read the new rebooted series, the 2007 Annihilation Conquest series they have the new team.

I had the same idea of the Guardians of the Galaxy set in the future with the each team member being from the Sol system planets.

Wow, once again, let the bashing begin. 6 months to go, seems like the “opinions” of the “professionals” are that they want this movie to fail…
Also the arguments of comparing GOTG to Firefly and or Farscape (two shows that have a, let’s just say, split down the middle of “I love it!” fans or “I hate it” people.
Seems like they want to compare it to something that (in their minds) have failed…

Ah well…