Guardians of the Galaxy: The after credits scene

So, without spoiling it and just asking the question:

Best after credits scene in a Marvel movie


Worst shark jump in a Marvel movie

LOL… I wasn’t the only one who took the Groot high road :smiley:

It’s a ballsy move…a chance to fix a massive wrong in their history for sure… Marvel’s hit so MANY home runs (including this movie)…it’s hard to bet against them…but how many epic fail movies get a second chance…it’s not like DC Rebooting Jonah Hex…errr…maybe it IS!!!:eek:

I sat through all the credits reminding the kids how Marvel likes to toss out good tibits in the aftercredits clip.

After I saw this one…

I’m going with the “Jump the shark” side of it. I’m thinking was perhaps a reminder that this movie didn’t take itself that seriously and was light and fun, but that was one marvel character I could do without ever getting more screen time.