Glee !

His episode was awesome. Hopefully he will direct more episodes. Noticed there was a lot less singing and more story. He got some good writing too. Liked the flashmob scene and the scene between Michelle & Idina. NPH was awesome too.

absolutely agree. Joss directed Glee episode was the best since hiatus. The episode is fast, outrageous, hilarious, and full of heart.

Is it me or NHP’s character in Glee is a combination of Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer? He had all the Dr. Horrible’s failures with Captain Hammer’s Hammerness.

Did anyone catch any Dr. Horrible references? I am sure they put Joss and NPH in one episode because they love Dr. Horrible. I think NPH made some noises that is a tribute to the opening scene of Dr. Horrible. But I am sure there are more.

Hot damn! Starfleet Summer looks so good.

alright, let’s imagine if Joss runs Glee, who will Joss kill?

It’s obvious, he will kill someone we love and care deeply about. It will be Brittnay. She will be stabbed in the chest by a wayward baton from Sue’s experimental baton cannon. She will cover the escape path of New Directions while the baton cannon riddles her with deadly flaming batons. Her last words will be…

“… I never got Carl Kassel’s voice on my home answering machine!”

I wear briefs while I grind. Watch how I sore?

“…come with me if you want to live!”

I don’t remember writing any of this. :frowning: