Game of Thrones tabletop games

hey all,

tabletop games vary in their sophistication and level of involvement for the player.

just thought you all would like these:

I have played the original “Game of Thrones” board game by Fantasy Flight games. Very fun, pretty long. It is very true to the source material.
Played the original Citadels, also very fun and I could see it work with Game of Thrones.

The GWC Rochester Meetup played Game of Thrones from Flight. It was pretty rad, an alliance of Tyrell(Me) and Stark(Klucasm) wrecked all thanks to a non aggression pact with Dorne(Badgerspoon).

Hella long and I’d have to be in the right mood to play it again.

For me it was the Martells who betrayed me (Baratheon) at the end. And the Lanister’s won at the end. Asshats.

Dang! How I wish I was there to join you all! All sorts of awesomeness from what I see