Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire

I know it’s fantasy, not strictly sci-fi, but I feel like GWC generally covers the holy trinity of what most sci-fi communities do: science fiction, fantasy, and science. in that vein, one of the best modern fantasy series is going to start airing on HBO in April or so, and with four books done (and three more forthcoming, including the fifth one, uh, “soon”). These are some of the best books I’ve ever read, and a big push by HBO is going to put this series in front of a much bigger audience than adult fantasy ever sees.

I’d like to see how many people are interested in an arc following the biggest “classic” fantasy property to hit the public eye since Lord of the Rings took the world by storm and just about nothing carried the torch after. It could certainly be an important tipping point for seeing more fantasy on TV and in film, especially as other works (like Shannara and Magic Kingdom) have stalled and dropped recently.

I know A Game of Thrones was a Book Club Selection, and I hope people liked it enouhg to stay on with the series, which really ratchets up another notch with the next volume. The amount of talent, money, and attention to detail going into the HBO show is also pretty staggering, being comparable to the expensive and epic Rome.


I hadn’t read the books until we had it in the book club (ah, it came out while I was an undergraduate NO TIME FOR FUN READING), but once I read Game of Thrones I read them all and quite enjoyed them.

I’m visiting family right now for the holidays, and we saw a “making of” promotional feature for the HBO series, which prompted me to comment how I enjoyed the books, and my relative to then go buy the whole series available to this point on hir Kindle.

I’m not sure mechanically how it would work as an arc (those are long books, and I know our favorite podcasters aren’t all fast readers), but I think that it could be a great discussion/fun time.

It’d probably be easier to cover the HBO series once it airs, and maybe the book (first one) as well.

But yeah, if you got time this holiday they are a must-read.

That’s kind of how I saw it. The show’s first season and/or the first book would be kind of a one-off. i know even Harry Potter only had 2-3 'casts itself and it’s a ginormous (and excellent) series.

So I don’t know how it would work, like as a cast after the season was over, once it hit DVD, or just alongside the extended pilot episode. But I think that people who could stomach a bit of blood, sex, and labyrinthine scheming would enjoy it.

Also, having listened to another GRRM appearance ona podcast, I can say that this guy does like to do podcast interviews. The two I’ve heard were 30 and 50 minutes long, so it’s also a decent chunk of discussion, though the caveat is that he also likes to talk about his other stuff (being a writer of shorts, novels, and TV, and editor of collections of the same for 40 years, he obviously considers his value as an artist to extend beyond one fantasy series).

PS - I’ll also say I understand if this topic doesn’t draw much interest or really isn’t within GWC’s scope. I know it’s not a right-down-the-barrel topic like Blood & Chrome or Tron. Just putting it out there.

just felt like adding something to this, I recently listened to the first in the series off audible, AWESOME story

and while I won’t be able to watch the HBO series while it runs I would totally support an arc covering the series/books

I am totally stoked about this coming out on HBO! I have loved the books except the last one, I have kind of choked through it like a kid being forced to eat dinner.

And our favorite Taiwanese TV channel weighs in:


Nice attention to detail. There’s apparently some frustrated ASOIAF fans doing computer animation.

The books and the series, are so good that, we should temporaryily rename podcast to the game of thrones watercooler so yes there should be an arc.

I am all for this, and on a personal note, since I had to sit out the Honor Harrington cast, I deserve this.:wink:

Are you listening to the Tyrion’s Landing Podcast? The GWC Crue haven’t guested – yet, one hopes – but it’s got some familiar Alpacas…

Nice I downloaded The first two episodes, will give a listen tomorrow.

This show is so awesome. This is from someone not usu. into this genre. I support this thread.