Friday Night Geek Party/Live-Audience Podcast (3/19) RSVP, Please

Spent the whole day today moving heavy craaap out of the basement. Would love to stop by for a beer with ya’ll. Wish it wasn’t like 5000 miles away…Have an awesome night, looking forward to the podcast download!


Stop that. You have nothing to worry about. Except maybe two teeth, you should get those checked. :smiley:

Everyone’s a friggin comedian…or a dentist. :smiley:

About that and here cometh a rant. IMO, Dentists are modern barbarians. They take pleasure in the pain inflicted on others. They use archaic tools and techniques that haven’t changed since classic antiquity. I have nothing against the way a person makes their wage. I just assume avoid them as much as I can. Well their profession nothing personal, I would sit and have a drink or clever conversation with a dentist but don’t sit me in that frakkin chair.