Friday March 16, Dallas Stars hockey game

I know it goes against a bunch of the podcasts, but I’ve not been to Dallas since 2003 and I’m itching to see a game when I’m down there, as fate would have it, the only home game they have that week is on the Friday Night…it’s a bummer I’d miss some of the podcasts, but I plan on doing everything else when I’m down there…and I kinda am a little into hockey also :cool:

Was wondering if anyone else was interesting in going who’s going to the meet-up (or in the area that weekend), would be interesting in tagging along for the game (it’s against Chicago if that helps, usually is a good game), my local friend’s stuck working that weekend, so I figured I’d mention it here…it seemed fitting!!

If it was Detroit, I’d be all over that. But I think I’ll skip this & hang at the hotel :slight_smile:

What kinda Red Wing fan wouldn’t want to come and root against Chicago??? (how’s that for a sales pitch?? :cool: )

Or I’m just used to all the Ranger fans out here who come to Devil games and do that…