Forum issues?

Were there issues with the forums today? Even the main site ( wouldn’t pull info into “Latest GWC Forum Threads” at times.

Yes there was.

Totally the fault of our hosting service.

Heh, I wanted some info and I even joined the GWC on Facebook hoping to find out if it was something on my end or the host’s.

Thats when a twitter account comes in handy. just sayin.

I’ve promised myself I’d only use one social media site and Facebook is it. I don’t need anymore reasons to spend even more time on the PC. Besides, I need more than 140 characters. d:

Actually, other than saying you need more than 140 characters, you didn’t. :slight_smile:

Someone needs to keep the Facebrook group up todate! It is woefully behind!

Forums was down again.

To be fair, it was up again quite soon.

Then down.

Then up.

Then down.

Apparently back up…


If your Forum stays up for more than four hours contact your host. :eek:

Perhaps they injected some Viagra spam into the code? :wink:

At least it is back up for the Frak Party. IYKWIM :smiley: