FlashForward 1x20 The Negotiation

Thursday, 13 May 2010
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

Hello all who are here. :slight_smile:

Is this the season/series finale?

Hello. ^^

Baltar in Flashfoward.

I am not sure.

Lita approached Janis didn’t she?

“I hate pickles! I hate onions! I like tomatoes…”

I just realized they had Leoben and Baltar in the same episode last week. And, Anders and Torri are on ABC too.

IS ABC the BSG alum hangout?

And, it’s finally explicit.

That guy looks familiar…

Where are you? You’re leaving me hanging here. d:

Dang phone.

Washing cloths is even more a pain for her than most.

Baltar may not make it through this season…

Or we will see him in a bad situation and wonder. :confused:

Other than Dem dying, I really hope Mark doesn’t start drinking. But, I have a feeling that part is unchangeable.

What if he is killed instead of Mark in the raid and that starts him drinking again.

That’s what I am thinking.

Also, looks like next week is the finale. DVR info had a spoiler for me.

Good shot.

That was awesome. Didn’t see that coming.