FlashForward 1x19 Course Correction

Thursday, 6 May 2010
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

Hi everybody.

What could go wrong shall we make a list?

I dont know, but we’ll find out in 10 seconds!

Why have a audio count with everyone having ear protection?

Oh my god! They killed the random red shirt reporter who just arrived five minutes ago. You bastards!!!

You tell them!

Last words. I do not like the sound of that.

That was an odd way to deliver a message!

What if he did not see her?

That wouldn’t happen – someone saw it work in their flash forward probably

Crackpot theory: It’s the British lady who’s really the one who doesn’t want people “cheating death”

Wow, body language, he is good.

Did he just take the ring?

Woah … is that Leoben???

Is the lady the one who was on Doctor Who as the Doctor’s friend in the library?

Oh yeah – I think you’re right.

I hope she still only has one shadow :slight_smile:

You are good. :smiley:

The show is full of actors from other shows, Lost, Doctor Who…

Okay, there’s already been a thread about this but there are so many better ways to help fight breast cancer than to eat fried chicken!