FlashForward 1x18 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Thursday, 29 April 2010
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

Looks like we have a Janis-centric episode this week :slight_smile:

Hello, anyone out there?

Interesting background info.

I like her character, despite her being a backstabbing…


5 events tonight. Might be just us.

Hello! Sorry, I was multitasking like Janis :slight_smile:

Men play nice.

Ouch! Poor Mr. Clean :frowning:

Isn’t today the day they are always talking about or am I mistaken?

Do people under 20 know who that is? Him and Aunt Jermimah.

IRL toda is april 29th. On the show March 15th (demitri’s “death”) was last episode.

Mr. Clean is now a cartoon not a real man but he is around.

So I have the right day but they messed up. :rolleyes:

Yeah … stupid ABC always delaying our shows. Grrr!

Nice segue to Afhgan.

He’s drinking…

Coffee or the other stuff? :eek:

Didn’t look like coffee. I could be wrong.

I liked Janis better when we didn’t know she was a mole!

It’s Baltar!