FlashForward 1x15 Queen Sacrifice

Thursday, 8 April 2010
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

Hello all.

Continue the frakkin’ tape from the past!.

Promises, promises.

Her face breaks your heart.

This is getting very mushy. Get the tissues.

Charlie-bear? She’s going to grow up to be an indestructible cheerleader?!

Chess is a code to me.

That was a great scene.

Person of interest … not any more.

Well he is dead duuu a bit hard to talk to.

Is this show not that popular or is it all the other Frak parties tonight keeping people away.

Little of both? 6 fraks tonight.

Oh, he sung so they could pick up the transmitter.

We do seem to be the only ones at a lot of frak parties.

Recently, I was one of three frakkers for this show. So, tonight has more than usual for me.

Edit: Oh, it’s just you and I here. lol. Wasn’t paying attention.

Revised answer: The former. ><

Having math problems tonight? :rolleyes:

<3 RPG distraction.

Just into the episode.

I know, I was just joking.