FlashForward 1x14 Better Angels

Thursday, 1 April 2010
8 PM Eastern/Pacific

No one here?

Why do I always get calls at the wrong time.

Because they don’t think you have a life?

Wow what time to turn on the program. Shoot bang ouch.

Life what is that?

Nice lunch is changing.

Even frakking a tv show is still a life. d:

Not for the guy they just shot. :eek:

Yeah well, he should have had a V-8.

You go girl!

Nice twist.

Boy that is making him think.

Ah hah! Now, it makes sense.

I wonder if they had this all planned out or playing a lot of it by ear.

Mark didn’t see himself die so someone is premature.

I hope it is planned or it could get really messy as the story goes on.

I liked how before, our calendar dates matched the episodes. Now, the episodes are behind. ):

Someone had a flash forward and made flash forwards? My head hurts.

His mother is pretty.

I knew they would find dead.

That was in the preview I think.